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Discount Rhonda

Discount Rhonda

Real Rhonda

Real Rhonda

No doubt all will soon become clear, but Dr Mumbo fears the worst over the number of videos that have flooded YouTube in recent days featuring the staff at various branches of Big W in homemade ads for the store.

The big red “Cha-Ching” signs and Everyone’s A Winner soundtrack are somewhat reminiscent of a Ted Horton-style cheesy Coles musical extravaganza.

Rhonda Cha-ching


And they also seem curiously fond of AAMI’s Rhonda-in-Bali ads. he hopes that AAMi’s lawyers feel similarly fond of Big W.

Considering Big W is trying to pump its low price message, surely not staff-made ads? Please?

Among Dr Mumbo’s favourites:   

Big W Altona Meadows’ appropriation of AAMI’s safe driver Rhonda:

And Big W Highpoint’s similar borrowing of Rhonda:

Big W Southland’s lip-synch:

Big W QV’s fist-pumping action which makes the Coles red hand gesture look positively innocent:

Charlestown’s high production superheroes and cheerleaders:

Big W Endeavour Hills who are so proud of their ad that the video conssoits of 21 seconds of ad and 30 seconds of credits:

Big W Fountain Gate getting topical with Fifty Shades of Grey:

Big W Echuca’s home made till:

There are dozens of them. Which does leave Dr Mumbo wondering – they do know the public can see this, don’t they?



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