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Choosing Your Seo Company
Seo company choice is probably one of the most important business decisions you can make. If you get it right you get a valuable business partner who will work with you to bring more targeted customers into your business. Get it wrong and you’ll waste time, money and be handing customers to your competition.

What To Look For In An Seo Company
Genuinely Care About Your Business
No Shady Practices
Let’s look at honesty. Your seo company should always give you honest advice about what results you will get, in what time frame and what it will cost. If they don’t deliver on their commitments then they should immediately work to rectify the problem at their expense. At Seo Melbourne if we don’t start to get the client results within the agreed time frame then we work for free until we do. Only then do charges resume. Seek the same in your seo company if it’s not us. Beware promises that are not laid out in a simple agreement. There are companies who will promise all sorts of things to get you to sign a contract, but are those promises in the contract? Often they are not so read carefully.

Results. The minimum result you should expect from your seo company is to be on page one of Google however you ultimately want to be in the top 3 results as most buyers click these listings. No-one can truly guarantee you will be number, 1 that’s up to Google, but if you do the right things consistently more often than not you will get there. When you review seo companies results take a good look and make sure their clients rank for terms that actually drive buyers to their site and that they are not obscure terms that drive very little traffic.

Genuinely care about your business. Are you a client or a number to the company? Our philosophy is that your success determines our success but not everyone approaches things the same way. It’s alarmingly common for your to signup and then have your site handed off to a junior staff member. A good seo company will partner with you to make your site more successful and that means more than page one rankings. It means getting the most customers coming into your business that they can.

No shady practices. This is a biggie. There are seo companies who still do things that can get your site banned from Google. If this happens it’s very hard to get back in. I have seen client sites with a whole lot of hidden links pointing to the other seo company sites to make those other sites more successful. It goes without saying this is a blatant abuse of trust. There are other practices that are not as bad such as the seo company placing links from your site to their site. One link is fair and good (after all a lot of business comes from referrals) but it’s not uncommon to see 3 or more. Again this is an abuse of trust. The company is using your site to make their site rank higher in Google. If someone wants to do this on your site why not ask them to pay an advertising fee? I would.

The last practice I’ll touch on is reciprocal linking. This is where you link to a site and they link back to you. There can be valid reasons for this such as supplier/customer relationships however doing it just to improve rankings is an outdated and potentially dangerous practice. If the site linking to you does anything to break trust with Google then because you link TO them it can impact your site. This does happen and it’s frankly not worth the risk. So check to see if your company does a lot of reciprocal linking if they do ask them to stop or fine a better seo company.

Our Seo Company Philosophy
At Seo Melbourne we believe your succeess is entirely linked with our success. That’s why we have business approach to seo. Our approach is that we want to get you more buyers coming into your business and search engine optimization is merely a way of doing this. So we make sure everything about your site is right first. After all if your site isn’t converting visitors into leads there is no point working hard and spending money to get more visitors. Big gains can be achieves with simple steps to improve the conversion rate of your site (how many visitors take the desired action). We then find keywords potential buyers use to find products/services like yours and set about getting you into prime position on Google for those terms. Our ultimate aim is ‘real results and real customers for your business’. So thanks for reading our honest advice on choosing an seo company.



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