Car in lake ad banned by ad watchdog

An ad featuring two women who drive their car into a lake because they’re distracted has been banned by the Advertising Standards Board.

The ad features the women ignoring their GPS while they chat, stopping to talk to a jogger and then driving into the dam.

The ad promotes free breakdown recovery for people who use Ultratune.

A complaint to the ASB stated:

“Our family lost 5 members in a accident which they drowned. They were driving a silver ford falcon. As you can understand this is upsetting to us and other people as well who have suffered this kind of tragedy.”

The ASB ruled:

“The Board noted the complainant’s concern that the advertisement portrays an example of poor driving behavior and makes light of a serious matter.

“The Board noted that the intention of the advertisement is to set a scene that is realistic and familiar to drivers across Australia. The Board considered however that the behaviour of the girls trivializes the fact that they are not paying attention to the road and one of the girls is heard to say “not again!” This adds strength to the argument that the girls have possibly been involved in a similar incident and have not learnt or changed their behavior as a consequence of their actions.

“The Board considered that there is a very serious and genuine community concern regarding road safety and issues surrounding negligent driving and that the behavior of the woman driving was contrary to community standards on safe driving.”



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