Customisable, targeted video the only future for marketers, says specialist

Businesses seeking to capitalise on the rise of video as an available everywhere opportunity have to get their entire organisations across it or risk being left behind, says Brightcove’s Linda Crowe.

linda-crowe-brightcoveCrowe, the global vice president of digital marketing solutions at video specialist Brightcove, told Mumbrella video was only at the very early stages of its potential, likening it to the very first days of the web.

“I have seen a number of different innovations in the technology sector and with video it feels a little like the early days of the web where companies were realising that they needed to adopt that technology,” Crowe said.

“They were wading into the waters and some of them were figuring it out quickly and doing it well and others were wading in later and not doing it well. That’s a little bit of what it feels like today, people and companies are realising they have got to get on this bandwagon.

“In terms of video and video adoption we are in the early stages. Video is going to be the cornerstone of how companies communicate and that will encompass every aspect of the organisation.”

Crowe said one of the biggest changes now taking place was shift in measurement, with companies having to differentiate between abandoned videos and those that were viewed with a click outcome or viewers arriving at a call to action.Youtube

“The interesting thing is that maybe seven or eight years ago the metric that people wanted to be able to see was how many video views did I get,” she said.

“What I’ve learned is that views doesn’t tell you the whole story because somebody might click on your video but if they only watch five seconds of it that counts as a view but they haven’t seen the whole video. Marketers have started to evolve and understand the concept that it’s not just about views but it’s also about how much of the video they consume.

“They are realising its as much about these two metrics as it is about ‘did they even click on a call to action?’ ‘Did they follow the path that you wanted them to?’ ‘Are they coming back to your website?’ ‘Did that video result in deeper engagement and additional conversation with that particular contact for you?’

“It’s really a much richer, multi-faceted analysis and social brings in a whole new component of that because now you have likes and shares and retweets and comments.”

Crowe said Brightcove is planning to launch a new series of social media tools next month to give companies greater control over who they service videos to.

“In October, before the end of the month, we will announce a social product, and essentially what that does is it allows social media managers to be able to push out video and publish video on their social channels in a very customised ways for the individual channels,” she said.

“Todays consumer has changed, they are no longer reaching out to an organisation in a specific location. They expect that the brands they are interacting with are going to meet them where they already gather and that is on social media sites, in their connected televisions, in their living rooms, on their mobile devices and also includes web presence.”


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