Domino’s invites customers to market their own pizza

The role of marketing Domino’s pizzas will be handed to the very people who eat the product following the launch today of Pizza Mogul.


The initiative will see consumers invited to devise their own pizza, name it, share their creation on social channels and sell them. Every sale will earn the creator between 25c and $4.50 per pizza, depending on the number of toppings.

The pizzas will be also available on the Domino’s website.

Domino’s MD Don Meij told Mumbrella: “It’s the most amount of control a brand has relinquished to customers since Facebook launched but a like or a re-tweet doesn’t equal a sale and it’s no guarantee people are buying.”

Domino’s has launched a website and app that allows people to sign up and become Pizza Moguls. Meij described it as the next wave of social retailing, and branded it “me-tailing”.

Meij described the project as the “ultimate fusion of social media and e-commerce in a trend”.

“Mogul provides the vehicle for Domino’s to utilise social selling as a powerful revenue and viral advertising stream. We are looking for our passionate customers, fans and followers to share their creativity with their social networks.

“Me-Tailing isn’t a trend but more of a way of doing business and is the next wave of digitalisation.”

From a marketing perspective, Domino’s will benefit from consumers creating YouTube ads, building marketing campaigns, jingles, images, Vine videos and Snapchats, he said.

Meij said the company already receives hundreds and thousands of ideas each year which it cannot possibly introduce.

“Through Pizza Mogul we can now introduce them all. Our customers can create them and share with their own friends,” he said.

Steve Jones



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