Don’t rely on marketing alone to solve a crisis, Vodafone marketing boss says

vodafoneMarketing alone will not haul a struggling business off its knees, Vodafone’s chief marketing officer has said, after admitting that one of its own priorities to rebuild the embattled brand was to win over disgruntled staff.

Kim Clarke said Vodafone was beginning to get back on its feet after a turbulent period which saw the company become the least trusted brand in the sector.

Not only did public sentiment slump – and one million customers desert the network – but “our own people stopped believing in us”.

“That for me was telling,” Clarke told a room full of marketers yesteday .

“We have a thee year turnaround program and are half way through that,” she said, admitting that while it was making good progress “we still have a long way to go”.

Clarke explained that one of its initial objectives was to convince its own staff that Vodafone had the right strategy to improve its ailing fortunes.

“You must make sure you treat it as a change program. When this sort of thing becomes a marketing program you have completely stuffed up. You need to engage your entire business in the transformation and start with your own people and engage their hearts and minds,” she said.

Clarke said there was “no big fix” to its trust issues, which stemmed from widespread network issues, but, on the positive side, she told delegates at the Association of Data Driven Marketing and Advertising (ADMA) conference yesterday that there was also “no secret recipe”.

“The biggest thing we had to do was fix the network and then look at brand engagement,” she said.

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