Dust and Glory producer looks to automotive brands for funding; confirms Gosling rumours

An Australian-based producer is in talks with automotive brands to invest in a big budget road film, which may see Ryan Gosling to star.

Robert Galinsky’s film Dust and Glory is about a famous Outback car race in the 1950s. Peugeot, which won the race in 1953, has already come on board as a principal development sponsor.

Galinsky told Encore: “We’re in advanced discussions with some oil companies, tyre companies, and confectionery companies to include them in the film. We’re re-creating those products and taking them back to the 50s.”

While Peugeot Australia is a principal sponsor, Galinsky is in discussion with parent company Peugeot Paris to integrate with the film across worldwide promotions.

“Peugeot are quite involved in films, they invested films such as Tintin and Toy Story. So this may be the perfect vehicle for them, pun intended.”

Galinsky also confirmed reports that Ryan Gosling is one of three actors in discussion to play the American lead, with an Australian actor expected to be announced once the American role has been filled.

In November it was announced Expendables 2 director Simon West will helm the picture.

Galinsky said heads of department would be appointed once West’s schedule was finalised and to expect “quite a few key Australian crew and actors. It’s a Hollywood project being shot with Australians.”

Galinsky is producing with his Top Cat Media partners Elizabeth Howatt-Jackman and David Parker as well as a US team in Blue Star Entertainment’s Jason Shuman and William Sherak.



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