Dynamic Duos: Hulsbosch’s Hans and Jaid Hulsbosch

The father and son duo behind independent strategic branding and design agency, Hulsbosch, chat to Mumbrella about evolving their relationship from dad and son to equal in business and life. With Hans Hulsbosch as executive creative director, and Jaid Hulsbosch as director, the pair have been able to define their respective roles in the business to lead their team to create branding work for the likes of Seven, Eftpos, Woolworths, Qantas and Football Australia.

In Dynamic Duos, Mumbrella each week asks two members of the same organisation with a professional and personal affiliation to share with readers the importance of workplace relationships in an increasingly hybridised world of work.

Hans Hulsbosch, executive creative director, Hulsbosch

Hans Hulsbosch: Jaid is my son, and first and foremost we are family, before work, before business. As a child growing up, there was never an expectation that Jaid would join me. Until one day he suggested it might be a good idea to work with me. I was equally surprised, delighted and aghast. “Work with me?” Ha, what about working for me? So I decided to give him a chance, thinking that would cure the itch. After a few months it was clear he needed a lot more experience and we sat down and discussed his future needs and how he could really cut his teeth in this industry. We agreed he should go to the toughest market in the world, (at that time it was London). Experiencing Europe through work made him even more determined. I didn’t know what hit me when he came back after 6 years in London and Amsterdam. Here he was, with a clear vision and a mind of his own. Adjusting to one another’s vision was an interesting time to say the least!

Working together has only deepened our relationship which has gone from dad-son to equal in business and life. Luckily our roles are quite defined. Jaid has become the best ‘New Business’ person I’ve ever known and I do what I’ve always have done: pushing out the best creative possible. Our relationship has now evolved into working together with our fantastic management and creative teams. We really push each other’s buttons in a way that only a father and son can do. Let me tell you, neither of us hold back. We can be on opposite sides of the argument at work, but it never spills over into our personal relationship – and this is our strength. It is also a privilege that I don’t take lightly. Although our roles are very different, our attitude towards work is the same. I feel that our business is so personal; it is a defining element in our lives and one that we can be enormously proud of. It is tremendously reassuring to see that Jaid shares the same attitude and values towards the business. It’s a family thing.

Jaid Hulsbosch, director, Hulsbosch

Jaid Hulsbosch: I’ve known Hans my whole life, literally. Growing up, I’ve always been around agency life. Back in the day, there was no after-school-care, so when the school day finished, I would go straight to the agency to do my homework and wait for mum to pick me up. That’s when I saw the excitement and energy of creative design – Letraset, drawing tables, T-square ruler, layout pads, Rotring pens and the spray mount booth. And of course, every family holiday would be tied in to either an overseas job needed for Qantas or a photoshoot in the South Pacific for P&O Cruises.

I didn’t really know where I’d fit into the business, I just knew I wanted to be part of it. Knowing that creativity was not my strength, I focused on client partnerships, business management and people/culture.

And that’s how it works with Hans and I, we have very different and clearly defined roles. Hans’ focus is the creative, my focus is the business and client management…having said that, he is always telling me what I need to do, and I’m always telling him what he needs to do. Ha! Thankfully we have a very capable and competent referee in the middle of us – Mum!

Hans on Jaid:

Most memorable moment with Jaid: When together for the first time, we beat every other brand agency in an enormous pitch. It was memorable because that’s when I realised Jaid is bloody good at his job and I can trust him to make it happen.

One word to describe Jaid: Anyone who can stick it out with me for as long as he’s done, is my hero.

Jaid’s most annoying habit or endearing behaviour: He continuously tells me what to do.

Jaid on Hans:

Most memorable moment with Hans: It’s not one moment, because I see it every day. The most memorable and impressive thing is the creative process and outcome. How he works and inspires the team to come up with brilliant creative ideas. To me, that’s something that’s truly memorable.

One word to describe Hans: That’s easy: Passionate!

Hans’s most annoying habit or endearing behaviour: He continuously tells me what to do.


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