Dynamic Duos: Veridooh’s Jeremy Yang and Mo Moubayed

In this week's Dynamic Duos, Veridooh co-founders and co-CEOs Jeremy Yang and Mo Moubayed tell Mumbrella how their friendship has seen them through a backpacking trip through Asia as young university graduates, right through to starting multiple businesses outside of the media and marketing industry, to launching Veridooh in 2019.

In Dynamic Duos, Mumbrella each week asks two members of the same organisation with a professional and personal affiliation to share with readers the importance of workplace relationships in an increasingly hybridised world of work.

Jeremy Yang:

Mo and I got to know each other while travelling with a close friend of ours in 2006. We had met before but we went from being near strangers to exploring Asia together for more than two months. Travelling with someone, particularly for the length of time we did, is a great way to get to know them and form a bond with them. It didn’t take long for Mo and I to realise we had a lot in common (for example, both of us had just finished studying law back in Sydney). I found a natural affinity with Mo’s passion and drive. It’s something I’ve seen him bring to almost everything he does and it’s a great energy to be around. Another thing that stood out about Mo when I first met him was his creativity and problem-solving skills.

Above all, I think the reason we connected with each other so quickly was because we shared the same ambitions and goals in our professional lives. We both wanted to leave our roles in the legal field to build something different and unique – so we did together!

The first business we went into was in 2013. We both loved building something from scratch and our skills and interests really complemented each other so that if one of us didn’t have the answer or wasn’t sure how to complete a task, the other was able to step in and fill that gap. We always seemed to be on the same page about what needed to be done so things move quickly when we work together.

Fast forward to 2019, Mo and I launched Veridooh after recognising a demand for independent verification for out-of-home advertising. We wanted to build an innovative, world-first product that could be scaled globally. Coupled with the fact that neither of us had any experience in the media and advertising industry, we knew we were in for a big challenge. Building Veridooh has been a massive learning curve for the both of us. The fact we were friends before getting into this really gave us an advantage and helped us thrive. There are obviously points filled with tension as you build a business but we pass through them without much trouble and I think that’s because we share the same goals and mindset. Additionally, going through it with a friend means there’s always someone there to bounce ideas off (and also vent to) when you need it.

Mo Moubayed:

After finishing my degree, I travelled to Asia for a three-month backpacking trip with a close friend and Jeremy. Jeremy and I had met before but we only really got to know each other on a train ride from Shanghai to Beijing. We had both just finished studying commerce and law, we were both young with little worries in the world and here we were travelling to countries and exploring cultures together for the first time. Spending three months backpacking with someone is a really great way to get to know them well. As anyone who has been backpacking with friends knows, there were disagreements during the trip but we were always able to solve them. One thing in particular that stood out about Jeremy was that he is loyal to his friends. He’s always there for you during tough times.

It didn’t take long for us to realise that we both wanted to start our own businesses and pretty soon we launched our first business together. We added to them over the years with new ventures, all of them outside of media and marketing. It’s a great experience to build a business you’re passionate about with someone that you can grow with while having fun. It makes all the hard work and long hours go by much more easily.

When we launched Veridooh in 2019, the early days were a lot of fun. We both thrived on solving challenges – and there were plenty of them when we were first getting started! We also both liked to challenge the status quo and ask how things can be different. And that’s what we’ve been able to do at Veridooh.

Jeremy on Mo:

Most memorable moment with Mo: Mo and I have shared so many moments together it’s hard to pick just one – so I’m going to share two.

One of the most fun adventures I’ve had was a trip around Europe Mo and I took in 2011. We travelled all over the place for more than a month, including Croatia, Spain, Italy, Germany, Greek islands, London, and Paris.

The second most memorable moment was probably when the deal for our first capital raise was signed earlier this year. For over two years we had been working hard on growing Veridooh, not to mention dealing with the pandemic. Additionally, we had spent months speaking with investors, handling contract negotiations, etc., so seeing our $5 million in Series A funding finalised was a special moment.

Best word to describe Mo: Passionate.

Mo’s most annoying habit or endearing behaviour: Something endearing about Mo is that he is a dreamer. He’s always thinking big and when we work together he’s pushing us to aim for more.

Mo on Jeremy: 

Most memorable moment with Jeremy: The first trip we did around Asia is a highlight for me. It was my first time exploring the world after university and to be able to do it with Jeremy and have as much fun as we did makes it memorable.

I’d also add the first day the Veridooh dashboard went live with our first client, the PHD/Unilever team, as a memorable moment. After months of research and development, to see it go out into the world was momentous.

Best word to describe Jeremy: Calm.

Jeremy’s most annoying habit or endearing behaviour: One of Jeremy’s best traits is that he’s rational. That’s something that’s been very valuable in our relationship because it’s pulled us into line when we (I) need it.


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