Foodora partners with PoweredLocal to provide restaurants with customer data via WiFi

Australian WiFi intelligence startup PoweredLocal has partnered with Foodora to strengthen the marketing capabilities of Australian restaurants listed on the food delivery giant.

The announcement:

The explosion in food delivery apps has given Australian consumers unprecedented choice about what, where and when they eat. While a boon for industry, many restaurants are unable to adjust their marketing strategies effectively, because the sudden influx of data is on the delivery side.

PoweredLocal provides free WiFi to bricks and mortar restaurants that want to generate word-of-mouth interest and build their customer database – the service requires an in-store, social media login. Foodora will begin providing PoweredLocal’s technology to the 2700 restaurants listed on the platform.

PoweredLocal co-founder Gary Tramer said the deal will give restaurants on Foodora a complete blueprint of their customer base.

Tramer: “Foodora really understands how big-data can help them optimise their online advertising”

“Thousands of restaurants in Australia have suddenly entered the delivery business through digital platforms like Foodora and that’s brought with it a lot of information about what their delivery customers want at home.

“But just as importantly, restaurants now have a way of leveraging technology like Wi-Fi to understand their in-store customers, generate more brand awareness, engage with their new and existing customers and increase their top line.

“Foodora is one of the more savvy online marketers and really understands how big-data can help them optimise their online advertising and will be using the insights from PoweredLocal to further improve this.”

Source: PoweredLocal release



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