Jane Scott brings legal action against Mao’s distributors

Producer Jane Scott has initiated legal action against distributors Village Roadshow and Hopscotch for “non-payment of full royalties due” on Mao’s Last Dancer.

In a statement to the press, Scott explained that “despite repeated assurances that it would be done, Village Roadshow/Hopscotch failed to apply Ripguard copy protection to the Mao’s Last Dancer DVDs; a major error given that the film was still to be released in the US and many other key territories.”

Scott argues that the distributors agreed to recall the first-run DVDs and replace them with copy-portected discs, but they are now “attempting to deduct half the DVD recall costs from the producer’s (and therefore the investors’) royalties (despite the DVD master being delivered by the producer to Village Roadshow exactly to their written specifications).”

Scott will not make any further comments on this matter. Encore has contacted Roadshow and Hopscotch for comment.



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