Mining industry launches ‘anti-fear’ campaign to tackle ‘misleading claims made by extremists’

Minerals Council: just 0.1% of NSW land is used for mining

Minerals Council: just 0.1% of NSW land is used for mining

The mining industry in NSW has launched a campaign to defend itself against social and environmental activists.

The animated ‘Land use facts’ ads – created by Banjo Advertising – are part of the mining industry’s “response to misleading claims constantly made by activists and extremists who are using fear rather than facts to further their anti-mining agenda,” the NSW Minerals Council said in a statement.

The ads ran on television last night and are being hosted on the website

The Council’s CEO Stephen Galilee claims that the state gets a good economic return on the land used by mining.

He said: “From the amount of attention given to mining you could be forgiven for thinking that mines are engulfing NSW, but the reality is mining operations account for around 0.1% of the state’s land.”

“That compares with 76% for agriculture, 7.6% for conservation and national parks and 1.8 % for homes and urban development. And the land used for mining must be rehabilitated.”



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