Morning Update: FOLO the new FOMO; Reporters deliver their own newspaper; Google removes millions of pirate links

AdWeek: Why FOLO Is the New FOMO, and 4 Other Hot Cultural Trends to Know in 2016

During the last year, you probably became aware of the fear of missing out, or FOMO, as it’s widely known. Well, in 2016, get ready for FOLO—or the fear of living offline.

FOLO will be “a thing” this year, predicted Sparks & Honey. And it makes sense that the concept will gain steam in a “pics-or-it-didn’t-happen” Instagram world, where increasingly people need to digitally validate their experiences as if moments were parking passes and social media was a stamp.

Boston GlobeThe Guardian: Boston Globe reporters forced to deliver papers by hand amid distribution crisis

Scores of reporters from the Boston Globe are preparing to personally hand out Sunday’s edition after a distribution crisis left readers across the city without their daily paper.

The extraordinary move comes after a week of tumult at the paper after it switched delivery companies, resulting in outcry from thousands of subscribers who failed to receive their daily papers.

In an attempt to ensure that the Sunday edition reaches readers, union leaders at the Boston Globe appealed to staff members to gather on Saturday night to help deliver the paper. Reports said about 100 employees had volunteered.

NY Times: Sheldon Adelson’s Purchase of Las Vegas Paper Seen as a Power Play

Two days after Sheldon Adelson’s lawyers lost in their attempts to have a judge removed from a contentious lawsuit that threatens his gambling empire, a call went out to the publisher of this city’s most prominent newspaper.

Almost immediately, journalists were summoned to a meeting with the publisher and the general counsel and told they must monitor the courtroom actions of the judge and two others in the city. When the journalists protested, they were told that it was an instruction from above and that there was no choice in the matter.

Get-Found-on-GoogleThe Drum: Google asked to remove 558m ‘pirate’ links in 2015, report claims

Google was asked to remove 558m links to allegedly pirated material in 2015, according to a report.

The search giant does not report annual figures for Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) takedown notices, but TorrentFreak crunched the weekly reports and found that the number of URLs submitted by copyright holders last year surpassed the 558 million mark.

Advertising Age: Oprah vs. Kirstie: Let the Celebrity ‘Wellness’ Battle Begin

Kirstie Alley and Oprah Winfrey are about to go head-to-head as celebrity endorsers of diet programs. It’s quite a change from 2005.

Back then Ms. Alley was still the new face of the Jenny Craig plan, which promotes one-on-one consultations and weekly food purchases, and was starring in “Fat Actress” on Showtime. She went on “The Oprah Winfrey Show” in May 2005 and talked about losing more than 33 pounds on Jenny Craig. The diet-plan company was so excited about the appearance it issued a press release saying that inquiry calls to its centers in North America jumped 81% in the days after the episode aired.



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