Mumbrella360 video: Lead the change: The role of the media in reconciliation

In the lead-up to Mumbrella360 on June 7-9, we revisit highlights from last year’s event.

Mumbrella360_Reconciliation media

Lead the change: The role of the media in reconciliation 

In a discussion led by Media RING (Media Reconciliation Industry Network Group) board member and EP Recruitment boss Patricia Powell-Hughes, the panel will discuss what role the media industry plays in reconciliation and why it’s so important.

Panel: Karen Mundine, deputy CEO of Reconciliation Australia, Ella Archibald-Binge of SBS, Mayrah Sonter of 33 Creative, Shini de Silva from National Centre for Indigenous Excellence (NCIE).


  • 0:00 Introduction by Patricia Powell-Hughes
  • 2:30 Karen Mundine: what does Reconciliation Australia do?
  • 4:23 Stats on Indigenous and non Indigenous Australian interaction
  • 7:00 Developing a reconciliation action plan
  • 9:30 Ella Archibald-Binge on the benefits of government programs such as SBS’s Living Black
  • 12:45 Shini de Silva on the role of NCIE
  • 18:00 Mayrah Sonter on her positive experiences
  • 24:00 Audience questions about RAP plans
  • 26:00 How to innovate and change the conversation
  • 28:00 Diversity in the media and entertainment industries
  • 35:12 Positive focus vs being singled out
  • 36:00 Archie Roach’s story
  • 38:00 Appropriating Indigenous art: a discussion
  • 42:00 As a journalist what questions should I not ask?
  • 45:00 Presentation concludes


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