Mumbrella360: Why Marketers Have Millennials All Wrong – (keynote) – Jeff Rossi, Spotify

In the wrap-up of Mumbrella360 on June 7-9, 2016, we revisit highlights from the annual event.

m360 jeff rossi spotify how marketers get millennials wrong

In this keynote session, Spotify’s global director of business marketing Jeff Rossi, unpacks how today’s brands and advertisers can leverage Spotify’s knowledge and data to reach and resonate with today’s audience.jeff rossi spotify millennials and 30 year gap

Millennials are more than an age group, they are completely unique in the ways they think, behave and live. Despite the range of ages within, a common thread of connectivity amongst millennials has democratised information consumption and cultural expression, forever changing the face of media.jeff rossi spotify m360 audience segment

As part of this revolution, streaming has also changed the face of music consumption, enabling listeners instant access to all the worlds music. Furthermore, this shift has delivered an evolution which sees audiences transcend from the archaic confines of a single genre, to needs-based consumption matching user locations, moments, moods and behaviours.

As the world’s largest music streaming service, Spotify has over 75 million listeners tuning in for over 2 hours every day. That’s a tonne of data – and it’s data with depth.spotify jeff rossi australian radio networks charts graph

In this keynote session, hear from Spotify’s global director of business marketing Jeff Rossi, who will unpack how today’s brands and advertisers can leverage Spotify’s wealth of knowledge and data, to reach and resonate with today’s multi-faceted, Australian millennial audience.


  • 0:00 “We need to think about data in a new and exciting way – what do we know about millennials?”
  • 1:00 Loyalty, value creativity, tolerance, discovery, born free
  • 3:00 Millennials constantly question motives – they’ve seen their peers become billionaires through apps and digital
  • 4:00 30% of millennials are first-time parents: insurance, healthcare – marketing paradox
  • 6:00 How Spotify segments its audience: Leading Edge – 23%; Early Majority – 33%; Followers – 43%
  • 6:30 “Age is secondary construct”: Millennials are important but not all Leading Edge markets are Millennials – define your segmentation
  • 8:00 We’ve created such a huge gap between Millennials and the actual market; they’re just people, and parents 
  • 10:00 Streaming music = perpetual connectivity. Music informs moods, mindsets and tribes more effectively than anything else
  • 11:00 The Streaming Economy – how global trends correlate with music streamed
  • 13:00 The Moneyball example – success at a lower cost; how Spotify uses data to offset costs
  • 14:00 Justin Bieber – how Spotify tracked fans’ data to deliver a #1 record for Justin Bieber; his first
  • 15:00 Where do people listen to music? How to target ads via device, time of day and song titles streamed
  • 17:00 Dunkin Donuts and Spotify – uniting data with consumer engagement
  • 19:00 Incremental reach in the Australian radio market
  • 21:00 People do not listen to or record music by genre anymore – content and context: the two strong data points
  • 22:00 Playlists are the new genre: workout, at work, chill out, happy hour – music to fit your mood and environment
  • 23:00 If Millennials are different are we marketing different, or using antiquated ideas for a completely new construct?
  • 24:00 Presentation concludes. Sky News presenter Paul Murray interviews Jeff Rossi
  • 27:00 Audience questions

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