Mumbrella360 video: Rediscovering purpose – why brands need an authentic identity

In the latest of a series we present highlights from the 2015 Mumbrella360 conference.

Mumbrella360_Rediscovering Purpose_Brands as Myths
In this presentation, Nicola Swankie, head of content strategy at Society, talks about how control and perception of a brand rests in the minds of the public and how brands can establish authenticity and respect in the digital world, in the Mumbrella360 video: Rediscovering purpose – why your brand isn’t the only one having an identity crisis.

Mumbrella360 video_Rediscovering purpose

Timeline of session:

  • 0:00 Introduction by Nicola Swankie
  • 2:00 Audience breathing exercise
  • 2:41 A story about India and how it can calm your brand crisis
  • 3:00 How Facebook’s Newsfeed has changed us
  • 5:55 Channel “me”, Poplatch society and the gift economy
  • 9:12 Embracing communication methods that reach your market
  • 9:50 New power: Uber doesn’t own taxis; Airbnb doesn’t own real estate
  • 11:00 Reversing the top-down pyramid of influence – the power has shifted
  • 12:24 Russell Brand: reinventing self
  • 13:31 Brands as myths: Faris Yakob and self-branding
  • 16:15 Brand identity isn’t up to brands, it’s formed by public perception
  • 18:00 We buy the product to consume the myth
  • 19:50 It’s time for brands to embrace its shadows – the parts that aren’t showcased.
  • 21:20 When consumers call brands out for  false associations
  • 24:30 You are a brand but what is your purpose?
  • 26:30 Energetic alignment and what it means for your brand
  • 27:35 Brand planning chart using yoga positions
  • 28:05 The four key questions: Guiding Principles (values); Vision & Mission; Your ‘WHY’; Business Model + Goals
  • 30:40 Branding advice from a cab driver
  • 30:35 What are people saying about your brand?
  • 32:20 Putting your “authentically awesome” self on social media
  • 33:40 Nike and Coca-Cola: overcoming negatives – the ‘girl effect’ & ‘me/we’
  • 37:40 Patagonia’s purpose = rise in profit
  • 39:20 How Tom’s shoes created a myth
  • 41:00 Stand for something more than just a brand
  • 43:00 Do things. And tell people

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Video edited by 90 Seconds cloud video production

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