MySpace launches push to make itself marketer friendly

The parent company of MySpace has launched a series of initiatives in an effort to make it more marketer-friendly.  

One of the key moves by Fox Interactive is the launch of the MySpace Lifestages tool, which allows marketers to target Aussie users by what’s going on in their lives. The seven groupings are:

  • Graduated from uni
  • Engaged
  • Just married
  • Pregnant
  • Just given birth
  • Just lost a job
  • Just entered a new job
  • Had a birthday in the last month

Economists will be heartened to know that the site is aware of only a few hundred users who have lost their job, while in knows of more than 50,000 who have entered a new job.

A second new option is MyInsights which allows advertisers to capture demographic and geographic information about consumers who interact with the ads, along with more detail of their interests. It will allow advertisers to test campaigns against different user profiles.

The third initiative is MySpace Recharge, which creates a user loyalty scheme. it will allow advertisers to offer point-based rewards to consumers which can be redeemed via mobile and wireless pre-paid credit and soon a prepaid Visa card. it will also involve MySpace users being able to opt in to receive  future offers.

The final project will see Fox Interactive offer opportunities for brand integration within editorial content on sites in the group including gaming portal IGN, film review site and AskMen.

Andrew Cordwell, national sales director for Fox Interactive, said: “We are seeing a lot of advertisers moving to digital as the financial pressure mounts within organisations.”



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