Neuroscience explains why Evian’s dancing babies didn’t boost sales | Mumbrella360 video

Memory is a key player when it comes to ad effectiveness, but despite producing memorable ads, some brands are failing to appeal to their customers' all-important long-term memory banks.

In this session from June’s Mumbrella360 conference, Professor Emeritus Richard Silberstein, chairman of Neuro-Insight reveals how memory can have a massive impact on your ad’s effectiveness.

“Some of the unconscious or implicit memories are just as powerful, if not actually more powerful than some of the conscious memories,” he says.

Silberstein gives Evian’s dancing baby ad as an example of advertising that, while memorable, failed to ingrain its brand into its potential customers’ memories. Unexpectedly, the popular ad caused sales to fall.

“When you are experiencing anything, the brain will break up that experience into little lumps, and store it. In other words, what it’s looking for is what’s called an event boundary, the punchline of a joke for example,” Silberstein says. “When you get to that, the brain says ‘Okay, I’m going to store that event as a single event, and then I’ll go onto the next one.”

“In the phase where it’s storing that information, its busy for about one or two seconds, and what’s happening is, memory encoding briefly drops for that point.”

Silberstein explains that the kinds of things that can trigger that are “anything which tells the brain ‘this is the end of the story, this is the end of the narrative’. In the case of Evian Live Young, it was the end of the soundtrack, a white screen came up, a completely different voiceover.”

He adds: “It’s one of the most common errors that are made.”

Silberstein then hands over to Casey Kudrenko, an analyst at Neuro-Insight, who covers a case study in which she analysed two different pieces of creative from personal budgeting company MyBudget.

Tammy Barton, founder and director of MyBudget, came to Neuro-Insight after a similar drop in sales took place after her company launched a new piece of creative.

This session was curated and presented by premier platinum sponsor Neuro-Insight.


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