No adland wankers, agency tells new recruits

Marketing consultancy Step Change has launched a recruitment video campaigning against advertising agency wankers.

Directed by Dan Ilic, the video focuses on unloveable adland types.

Step Change GM Jeff Cooper said: “We wanted to attract staff who love the industry but hate the politics, egos and rigid, demarcated roles of the big agencies. It’s ridiculous to the point of offensive that only ‘creatives’ are capable of great ideas or that only ‘suits’ know how to talk to clients, so we’re looking for people to do both in the one role.

He added: “The one great thing about wankers is that they need no explanation, so we were able to forego the traditional recruitment channels and approach candidates in a far more direct way. Ours is a pretty simple message: wankers don’t work here, so do you want to?”

Creative credits:

  • Script: Tom Glasson
  • Director: Dan Ilic
  • Cast:
  • General Manager: Jeff Cooper (as himself)
  • HR Director: Tom Glasson
  • Alan (Creative) – Cale Bain
Simon (Planning) – Phil Willis
Jess (Production) – Megan Ormsby
Antonie (Account Manager) – Steve Lynch
Clive (Senior Manager)- Greg Flynn


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