Porsche launches magazine aimed at women

Luxury car brand Porsche has launched an online magazine targeted at women.

Titled Woman With Drive, the magazine will feature content on luxury travel, fashion, well-being and success.

“Although Woman With Drive is sponsored by Porsche, it is not a place to necessarily read about cars,” a statement from the company said.

“Porsche is delighted to take this unique step in providing a female focused platform to engage with our loyal clientele, although the magazine will not be exclusive to Porsche drivers. We offer an opportunity for all discerning women with a premium mindset to enjoy the site’s thoughtful articles,” said Porsche Cars Australia PR manager Paul Ellis in a press release.

The site, which will also be available on mobile devices, was built by Portable Studios and designed by Things Project. The concept was devised by Melbourne based PR agency Flaunt Marketing, whose staff will write for the site.

Flaunt Marketing’s MD Sharyn Lowe said: “There is plenty of talk about social content being king in the digital arena, but there is still very little content online written to inspire and delight niche audiences. Initial testing and feedback on the test site has been outstanding and we are confident Woman With Drive will be bookmarked and set on the homepages of iPhones all over Australia.”



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