Radio ad revenues suffer drastic drop in September

The Australian radio industry suffered a nightmare September with revenues falling by 7.47% across the major five metro markets compared to the same month a year before.

  • Worst hit was Brisbane, which fell 10.77% to $8.568m.
  • Next was Adelaide, down 8.96% to $5.276m
  • Melbourne was down 7.86% to $17.24m.
  • Sydney saw revenues fall by 7.17% in September to $17.62m.
  • Even Perth, which had so far held up, saw a decline, falling by 2.19% to $7.7m.

Revenues across the five markets in September were $56.407m

Joan Warner, the CEO of Commercial Radio Australia, said: “Results for September reflect the challenges facing media in a tough trading environment. Some markets are more patchy than others and both first quarter and monthly figures reflect this trend.”

For the quarter as a whole, revenues were down by 3.64% compared to the same quarter last year.




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