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Ruby Rose takes on the Reines of Terror

Dr Mumbo is always sad when a popular journalist is brought down a peg or two by a celebrity, so he’s inconsolable to see Sunday Telegraph columnist Ros Reines take a Twitter pummelling from MTV’s Ruby Rose.

And the situation is all the sadder as Rose demolished the longest story in 44-year-old Reines’ newly downsized column.  

In the article, Reines, 54, who was also this week stripped of her “Sydney’s hottest columnist” slogan by the paper, laid into Rose accusing her of being “too precious to walk the red carpet like so many bigger stars” and of being a diva.

But the 64-year-old journo reckoned without Rose invoking the power of Twitter and her 33,000 followers.

After a break from tweeting of more than a month, Sunday’s article was enough to bring Rose back to social media, with a series of messages aimed at the hack (who describes herself on Twitter as @tabloidterror) pointing out why she wasn’t on the red carpet for Reines’ delectation..

Rose tweeted several times:

@tabloidterror The reason I didnt do any red carpets at fashion week was because I was shooting a show and on the OTHER side of the carpet

@tabloidterror u should know me better than to accuse me of being a Diva. I worked 16 hour days shooting a piece about Fashion week.

@tabloidterror the embarrassing part for me is that I saw you and realized how long its been I have seen you and was going to come say hi.

Reines’ reply didn’t help much:

@RubyRose1 Thanks Ruby – but it wasn’t just one incident – brewing for a while. Even u would have to admit u can be precious

It would seem that in fact Rose did not agree:

@tabloidterror The only precious thing about me is i’m named after a precious stone.

And perhaps foolishly, Reines failed to quit while she was ahead:

@RubyRose1 Yes, you can say what you like but I am always upfront

Upfront in handing exclusive to rivals that is, as it triggered this tweet from Rose:

I never really do interviews or exclusives. I have this strong urge to call the AGE or SMH and give them my life story to annoy daily tel LOL

Which led Rose to bring up other issues she had with the paper. Not least a mean previous comment about model Catherine McNeil who the paper has linked with Rose, stuffing her face at McDonald’s:

@tabloidterror you wrote Cat was fat and belonged in maccas, That Dids and I were in a relationship, that MTV and Vodafone said I was a diva

@tabloidterror the next few weeks, I signed to MTV another year shot a vodafone ad, apparently got “engaged to cat” and now I dont work?

Over to Reines:

@RubyRose1 Hmm sounds busy, I don’t think the Maccas thing is correct and the don’t work part. Did you get up grouchy or what?

@tabloidterror Then your same paper wanted a full page spread on my 15 fave things to promote my new show, and wonder why I cancelled it.

By now, Rose was getting into her stride, publishing a picture of her on the Myer red carpet:

http://twitpic.com/1abb4u – Here I am at Myer refusing red carpets.. God what a diva.. oh wait.. Im filming

http://twitpic.com/1abb4u – @tabloidterror what part of a microphone and camera doesnt look like i am “just attending events”

At which point Reines temporarily waved the white flag:

@RubyRose1 The shit is hitting the fan now and the speed appears to be full blast

@tabloidterror oh god, Thank god for that I feel much better now. Have a wonderful day Ros.

Before yanking the white flag down again:

@RubyRose1 Hon, you are way too defensive this morn

@tabloidterror No but I should have written direct. I dont want to fight, I just wanted to get it off my chest. I am done with this.

@RubyRose1 Cool, thinks it’s well and trully off your chest and onto mine

@tabloidterror No I missed two things, You said Catherine hated me and that her management called me worthless. also untrue.

Dr Mumbo is happy to report that Reines recovered from the cyberspace beating to make a return to public life at last night’s Masterchef launch where she was her usual charming self.


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