Scented advertising company launches Just Be Magazine

The first printed edition of beauty and fashion title Just Be goes on sale today, published by scented advertising company Reed Pacific Media.

The first edition of the quarterly contains 85 pages, with 115 pages planned for the next issue. On the outside back cover is an ad for online fragrance retailer Bonza Spice, which smells of roses.

There will be a maximum of three scented ads per issue. “Any more would confuse the nose,” said Doug McNamee, Reed Pacific Media’s retail manager.

Just Be Magazine has been published online since 2009, and McMamee said the plan has always been to take the title offline.

The magazine targets 25-30 year old women, and features “aspirational content” on fragrance, beauty and fashion.

“We find that advertisers develop brand loyalty around fragrances, which brings a regular print ad to life. But it’s not for everyone. Smells of leather or new cars don’t really work,” said McMamee.

However, he said that non-fragrance advertisers were sampling the medium. ING Group was planning to use the scent of an orange to reflect the colour of its logo, he noted.

The first print issue contains an interview with June Dally Watkins and goes on sale for $7.95.



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