Skyfail 2: Actually, I recorded it – listen for yourself to the ‘screaming and carrying on like a lunatic’

So I didn’t really expect there to be a part two to this particular tale.

Remember last night’s post regarding an Event Cinemas manager threatening to have me arrested after I filmed him talking to the audience about the failure of the projector for Skyfall?

You may also recall that another person claiming to be member of staff posted the following message on the article:

“Let it be known that this “journalist” was SCREAMING at two different managers and carrying on like a lunatic. We actually had other customers come up and ask if “that man was sane”. So before you go writing up a piece of absolute garbage which has more holes than a sieve, perhaps you should have a long hard look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself how you come to be writing about small stuff-ups from a Sydney cinema. How about some real journalism? I’m sorry you lost your $18.50(which was reimbursed), but carrying on like a complete scum bag and then validating it with sub-par writings for your ego doesn’t do anything.”

Now you may recall that in the original post, I was quite detailed in the quotes I reported. There’s a reason.

When the movie finally ground to a halt and everyone was told to leave, I thought it was unlikely that he had carried out his threat, but I couldn’t discount the possibility that the cops would be waiting outside.

So I decided it would be sensible to activate the voice recorder on my iPhone. I’m glad I did.

In the previous post, I gave my account of my conversation with the two members of staff.

It triggered the above comment on Mumbrella from somebody claiming to be a member of staff. Which in turn generated a number of comments (mainly from first time Mumbrella commenters, I notice) suggesting that now there was a witness, it was clear the fault was mine and that I’d lost my temper.

So perhaps I should let you judge for yourself. The sound quality isn’t great, but first, here’s my conversation with the person whose name badge identified himself as Mitchell. He was the one who threatened to have me arrested. As we all filed out, I encountered him at the bottom of the stairs. Happily there were no cops.

Here’s the audio – my iPhone tells me it was recorded at 9.44pm. It ends when I offer to wait at the side until he has finished handing out passes to the departing customers and he turns his back on me and stops replying:

The second piece – three minutes later – comes when he has finished doing so. That’s the point at which a second member of staff joins the conversation and tells me that she has a degree in media. Towards the end, I ask if the police have been called and she replies “absolutely”.

I recognise that we’re getting somewhat off the relevant point for Mumbrella – issues around journalists trying to do their job, and perhaps the wider point of how to handle customers. So by all means move on to something else. (Today Mumbrella had what looks like its second biggest traffic day of the year, which suggests that there is some interest.)

But anyway… take a listen and decide for yourself whether I was “screaming”, whether people really were asking if “that man was sane” or indeed whether I was “carrying on like a complete scumbag”.

Or, you know, whether the fault might lie elsewhere.

I’d be curious to know what you think…

Tim Burrowes


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