Sodastream hires Markson Sparks for PR


The controversial Sodastream display in SA

Max Markson’s publicity company Markson Sparks has picked up home soft drinks brand Sodastream as a new client.

Among the first stunts is the building of a cage exhibit at Tullamarine Airport in Melbourne featuring a transparent container full of discarded drinks cans and bottles aimed at highlighting the environmental friendliness of Sodastream.

A similar project in South Africa saw a cease and desist letter from Coca-Cola whose products featured in the display.

Sodastream works by using flavoured concentrate and carbonation.

The PR strategy for Australia appears to be to attempt to provoke a similar confrontation with Coca Cola locally. In the press release from Markson Sparks,  Sodastream’s Australian CEO Matt Gabelich said: ““We will not be silenced.”



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