Dr Mumbo

Sunday Telegraph ups the stakes with its bizarre dance ode to Ellen DeGeneres

Sunday Telegraph editor Mick Carroll is proving himself immune to shame and is taking his Dance Of Down Under idea to a new extreme despite vicious scorn on YouTube and bewilderment here at Mumbrella.

Carroll has had his gossip columnists Jonathon Moran and Elle Halliwell perform the dance on its website with choreographer Adam Williams, who devised the effort which hits an impressive number of cultural cliches.

Dr Mumbo now learns that the pair has spent the past few days ringing around celebrity agents trying to get them to have their clients join them at Mrs Macquarie’s Chair for a mass filming with around 100 punters (although Dr Mumbo has no idea where they’re dragging them in from).

Sadly they’ve had many knock-backs (including Nova’s Fitzy and Wippa), but Dr Mumbo understands they’ve locked in former X Factor contestant Johnny Ruffo, plus veteran stagers Kerri-Anne Kennereley and Charlotte Dawson.

And one of the knock-backs was from the Opera House, which refused their request to perform the dance on the Opera House steps.

All in the hope the soon to visit US talk show host Ellen Degeneres will perform the dance when she records a series of segments here.

Sadly, stranger things have happened.




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