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The cult of Kyle claims more victims

Bruno Bouchet Matt Simpson 2Day FM

Simpson and Bouchet in a rare photo taken in captivity

It’s always nice to read quotes that are as sincere as a captive repeating the ransom demands in a hostage video, so it was good to see the press release heralding tomorrow morning’s debut of The Producers Edition of The Kyle & Jackie O Show.

The show, on air in Sydney at 6am, features the Kyle & Jackie O Show’s producers Bruno Bouchet and Matt Simpson.

While the idea – a behind the scenes look  at the making of the daily show – is an intriguing one, the supplied quote from the pair is the best thing:  

“Kyle & Jackie O are our life, we worship them, when you have the privilege to work with such great idols everyday as their producers, why would you want to do a radio show about anything else? And our boss made it clear that this show is not to be a distraction.”



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