The Smith Family urges Australia to see disadvantaged kids differently

BMF has launched a new campaign for charity The Smith Family that portrays the heroic side of children who come from difficult backgrounds.

The ad follows a boy who must overcome a series of everyday challenges just to make it to school on time.

Rhys Kelly, head of communications at the Smith Family said: “We wanted a new slant on communicating the problem, and a fresh approach to how we talk about disadvantage and its impacts on children experiencing it.  This campaign comes from real stories and shows some of the issues that kids like him deal with each day.  The first step to engagement for us, is showing you care and if Australians do that, then thecampaign has done its job.”

Laura Sampedro and Carlos Alija, joint ECDs at BMF, added: “We’re aiming to create empathy for these disadvantaged kids by portraying their dignity, resilience and strength.”



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