TV viewers deride Ten’s 20 To 01 lookalike The Spearman Experiment

The online reaction to Ten’s new hope The Spearman Experiment was mainly hostile last night, with many viewers deriding the show as a rip-off of Nine’s 20 To 01.  

Ten had attempted to build intrigue around The Spearman Experiment with a series of mysterious trailers suggesting that its content had to be kept secret until the last moment.

However, the show – fronted by Magda Szubanski – bears a close resemblance to Nine’s reliable ratings warhorse 20 To 01 hosted by Bert Newton. The main difference appeared to be that the show was based around a list created from on an opinion survey, although the details of that were left vague.

Even former Ten presenter Mike Goldman – one of the Big Brother hosts – pointed out its similarities, tweeting: “Anyone like the spearman experiment? Like 20 to 1 sure!? But new and with different people!?

And comedian and TV writer Dan Ilic also waded in, tweeting: “OH MAN…by the sounds of it Spearman is worth missing.”

Media personality Mia Freedman also pointed to the resemblance to 20 To 01, although she was one of the few people in the blogosphere to have kind things to say about the show itself: “Anyone watching Spearman Experiment? How do you think it compares to 20to1? I like it. Same show but a wee bit fresher.”

The show failed to rate as well as 20 To 01, attracting only just above 1m viewers, according to preliminary ratings from OzTam. It failed to break into the top ten TV shows of the night.

Among the comments from viewers on Twitter:

  • enzo_tedeschi: @danilic Hows about ‘Spearman Experiment = 20 to 1 on a different network’. They haven’t even tried to disguise it. Ugh.
  • yoursavinggrace: yeah spearman is shit. I actually like magda but hosting shows like that aint doing her career any favours!!
  • robotsdream: Spearman Experiment was atrocious! Where’s the axe?
  • RickMeasham: Who on earth greenlighted Spearman Experiment? Did 20 to 1 rate so well for 9 it was worth a total carbon copy? What’s the point of diffrns?
  • evkip: Did anyone watch the Spearman Experiment? How do you think in compares to 20 to 1? I think SAME!! SAME!!
  • stezza666: @joshthomas87 Josh, Spearman was crap – you know it – we all know it. Next!
  • stezza666: After the painful 7pm Report, they’ve decided to greenlight the horrendous SPEARMAN EXPERIMENT. Oh sweet goddess save me!
  • liamjohnson: to me The Spearman Project was a rip off of 20 to 1, and Bert was transformed into Magda, they do look similar i guess.
  • Mr_CamMarshall: Ch 10 ripped off 20 to 1 the only difference between that and The Spearman Experiment is the use of a different well-loved fat Australian
  • andrewcrook: Am I missing something? Exactly which part of The Spearman Experiment is experimental? Oh, I see. They’re testing Magda being not funny.
  • tsangtammy: channel10 you can axe the spearman experiment now. just bring back talkin bout your gen if youre really that desperate to bring down 20to1.
  • tweet_renee: lol ‘the spearman experiment’ is just an obvious copy of ’20-1′ but with channel 10 celebs and worse graphics. why nikki osborne, why!?!?!
  • vikkiprattles: Ten’s new show: Spearman factor, or whatever it is. It’s crap. And I wanted so much to like it.
  • michellek_: How terrible was Erin Mcnought on Spearman experiment? PS what a copycat show!
  • Binda13: Spearman Experiment ….stupid it’s not LIKE 20 to 1 it’s exactly the same!!! Get an original idea Channel 10. Both shows are shit!
  • oliyoung: Channel Ten haven’t even tried to hide that this is a cheap 20-to-1 rip-off right?
  • TreacyDW: This #spearman experiment bullshit is just 20 to 1 on another channel
  • kas2810: to be honest spearman experiment – really is like 20-1. is there no copyright law against that ? haha
  • yoursavinggrace: @mirrorballsuit there was so much hype for that bloody spearman experiment on tv, I was expecting AT THE VERY LEAST an original idea!!
  • bexy81: I liked the spearman experiment, was a good watch
  • chicken1979: not sure about the spearman experiment. magda could do better
  • TuesdayAddams: I only needed to see 30 secs of The Spearman Experiment to know I never need to see it again.
  • MattBatten: @Ch10, if you’re going to copy a Ch9 program, why choose that 20-to-1 gobshite? Someone should lose their job for greenlighting Spearman.

And users of the TV Tonight website were similarly critical.

Meanwhile Tuesday was dominated by Seven, with Packed To The Rafters winning the night.

  • Seven: 33.4%
  • Nine: 24.4%
  • Ten: 21.3%
  • ABC1: 12.3%
  • SBS1 3.7%
  • ABC2: 1.9%
  • GO!: 1.8%
  • ONE: 0.8%
  • SBS2: 0.4%

Tuesday’s top ten TV shows:

  1. Packed to the Rafters Seven 1.9m
  2. Today Tonight Seven 1.6m
  3. Seven News Seven 1.5m
  4. Two and a Half Men – 7:00pm Nine 1.3m
  5. World Food Spectacular Seven 1.2m
  6. 20 to 1 Nine 1.2m
  7. Home and Away Seven 1.2m
  8. Nine News Nine 1.2m
  9. All Saints Seven 1.2m
  10. A Current Affair Nine 1.1m

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