Dr Mumbo

Ugg Australia builds deep customer relationships

Dr Mumbo surmised that Facebook’s new Timeline for brand pages could cause the unwary social media manager some bother.

He now realises he might have been understating it.

The official Facebook page for footwear brand Ugg Australia claims its mission is “to build on the deep relationships between the UGG brand and our customers and continue to develop lasting relationships with consumers around the world”.

He’s willing to bet they didn’t mean a relationship quite this intimate…

(The image – pixellated below by Mumbrella – has been live on Ugg Australia’s Facebook page for 11 hours at time of writing…)

Ugg Porn

HT @tali3in 

(edit: Ugg Australia is an American footwear manufacturer and has been involved in controversy over the use of “Ugg” as a trademark in Australia HT @stilgherrian)



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