Dr Mumbo

Who said Sunrise is presented by a bunch of muppets?


Human Kochie

puppet kochie

Puppet Kochie

Dr Mumbo fears that this could be big.

At the very least, he can pretty much guarantee it’ll get a run on Sunrise.

The Kochie puppet isn’t too bad. But Dr Mumbo has a feeling that Fifi Box may feel a little shortchanged.

The video – Kochie From The Bock: The Sunrise Rap – comes courtesy of comedy duo Stuntbear.

puppet fifi box

Puppet Fifi

Human Fifi Box

Human Fifi

Still, imagine how weatherman Grant Denyer and sportscaster Mark Beretta will feel about it…

Puppet Mel Doyle

Puppet Mel

mel doyle

Human Mel

puppet mark beretta

Puppet Mark Beretta

mark beretta

Human Mark Beretta

Happily they’ve not forgotten newsreader Natalie Barr either.

puppet natalie barr

Puppet Nat

natalie Barr

Human Nat



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