12 reasons for Telstra’s agencies to feel nervous

Any agency boss currently on Telstra’s roster would be foolish not to worry what 2011 holds, with the arrival of an entirely new marketing team to the one that appointed them.

The key man in all this will of course be incoming chief marketing officer Mark Buckman, the man who famously appointed Goodby, Silverstein & Partners to CommBank.

An informative exercise for those nervous agencies may be to ask themselves: Is my telco reel as good as Goodby’s?  

If film crews ran the world:

If roadies ran the world:

If firefighters ran the world:

Waitless ketchup:

Waitless banana:

Sprint: Dreams

Comcast rabbit:

The Slowskys:

Comcast Town – Future Hopping

Comcast – Big bucks

Comcast – Mothers Day

Fancast infomercial:

(Update: and this 13th for Pacific Bell):


  1. Can't spare 10 minutes for an article on Telstra
    16 Dec 10
    9:51 pm

  2. is 12 ads really necessary? Surely 5 would do the trick

  3. Sydney
    17 Dec 10
    7:01 am

  4. STW has already been largely cut – don’t you know? they’ve been trying to keep it a secret ;-)

  5. Andrew
    17 Dec 10
    8:23 am

  6. Don’t forget all their fantastic work for Pacific Bell:


  7. mumbrella
    17 Dec 10
    9:14 am

  8. Thanks, Andrew – duly added to the list.


    Tim – Mumbrella

  9. David
    17 Dec 10
    5:24 pm

  10. No, they shouldn’t worry. If Goodby end up on the account, there was nothing that any of them could’ve done other than answer briefs and put their best work forward. Under the circumstances.

    I smell fait accompli…

  11. Anonymous
    18 Dec 10
    9:38 am

  12. Telstra christmas campaign

  13. David
    20 Dec 10
    9:30 am

  14. (Edited under Mumbrella’s content moderation policy)?

  15. Hmmm...
    20 Dec 10
    10:15 am

  16. An agency is only as good as the client will let them be.

    Goodby’s done some great work over the years, but the CommBank stuff certainly isn’t anywhere near their best. Not by a long shot.. I suspect they like the fact that working on an Australian bank gives them a nice case study, and they enjoy the money, but that’s about it.

    What makes anyone think that an agency like Goodby would do world-class telco work on Telstra, just because there’s a new ‘name’ marketing director there now? It’s one thing to appoint a great agency, it’s quite another to actually have what it takes to get the best out of that agency.

    Any chump can hire talent. But if you can’t or won’t get the best out of that talent, what’s the point?

    But yeah, if we had any Telstra business I’d be quietly shitting myself right about now.

  17. Not just Telco agencies should be nervous
    20 Dec 10
    4:05 pm

  18. Joel Ewanick, the Head Marketing guy appointed to GM earlier this year, the guy who handed Goodby the entire $600m Chevy account without a pitch, is now the GLOBAL Marketing head of GM.

    Wanna stack McCanns reel up against Goodby’s?


  19. Beaudacious
    21 Dec 10
    5:35 pm

  20. Nothing like a bit of competition to encourage folks to be their best, all the time.

  21. New Image
    22 Dec 10
    6:35 pm

  22. Sometimes a change in agency can bring a real FACELIFT to a brand.