A guide to the archetypal Australian male through the work of Ben Wood

Ben WoodThe Homo-sapien Australis or Australian male is a creature of juxtaposed qualities, yet balanced in its place in society. By no means as polished as its American counterpart but not as deceptive as the British, the Australian male is fairly average, and thus the female of the species should not over-think the Australian male.

Let commercial actor Ben Wood shed light on what makes up the archetypal Australian male:

The Australian male is a scruffy, knock-about every-man who, When finding a partner, often somehow bats above of his league.

He doesn’t always luck out with them though.

Perhaps because he is a wee-bit forgetful.

But he will clearly win the female over with his enthusiasm and passion.

And as a result, the right option to create a nest with.

Who will later set a good example for its offspring.

The Australian male is, to an extent, business-minded and entrepreneurial.

But in its pastime loves the great outdoors.

And getting back to nature with its fellow males.

Or residing in the safety of its own man-den.

And best of all women, you can always tell what its thinking.

  • Ben Wood is also busy in both theatre and TV, having just finished a season of BellShakespeare’s The Duchess of Malfi at the Sydney Opera House and last year in As You Like It and La Dispute on the stage and ABC’s My Place on TV. 

Colin Delaney


  1. msmiskin
    4 Sep 12
    10:55 pm

  2. Hahahahaha LOVE it! Love him!

  3. Rochelle
    5 Sep 12
    9:29 am

  4. Ditto – love it and love the actor !

  5. thisisme
    5 Sep 12
    11:05 am

  6. He’s a legend! Love this dude. I’d like to see more of him on Aussie TV, someone, please give him his own show, kthxbai

  7. DMF
    5 Sep 12
    11:07 am

  8. He was a pretty good rugby player as well for Colleagues in Sydney. His old man coached there for years as well!!

  9. Nick Love
    5 Sep 12
    11:08 am

  10. Woodsie was also one of the great lower grade tighthead props for Colleagues Rugby club and a multi premiership winning coach of the U20 side. A true man for all seasons and a top bloke!

  11. Ralph
    5 Sep 12
    11:09 am

  12. Colin, I dare you to put together an equivilent ‘usual suspects’ list for voice-overs

  13. Colin Delaney
    5 Sep 12
    11:18 am

  14. Hi Ralph
    They are cunningly deceptive, those voice over artists, with their changing tones. But of course my Significant Seven V/O artists is in this month’s Encore Magazine to decide for yourself which ones you love and hate.

    – Colin

  15. Pex
    5 Sep 12
    11:21 am

  16. Love ya work Ben.

    Agree – somebody give this guy a TV show.

  17. Ivan Ardon
    5 Sep 12
    11:25 am

  18. well done MUM

  19. Ben Coverdale
    5 Sep 12
    11:46 am

  20. My wife and I have dubbed Ben Woods ‘Every Ad Guy’. He’s had such a good year the Government’s thinking of awarding him a special new tax.

  21. Kate T
    5 Sep 12
    12:50 pm

  22. Does that make Rhonda the archetypal Australian female? She’s so hot… like a sunrise!

  23. Sweet as
    5 Sep 12
    2:34 pm

  24. Love this guy, would be perfect for a show like Wilfred.

  25. Mia
    5 Sep 12
    4:57 pm

  26. Goooo Ben – you were awesome as Ern, but woefully underpaid – if Telstra wants you again, be sure to ask for more money – they can afford it

  27. Jen
    5 Sep 12
    10:16 pm

  28. It’s a very shallow pool we fish from

  29. JCallen
    6 Sep 12
    9:41 am

  30. Benny was also was a great ball playing prop for Cloe Crocs in his younger years. Always been a legend and hillarious bloke – go Benny!!

  31. Cognitively Dissonant
    6 Sep 12
    10:11 am

  32. Jen,

    The pool’s not shallow: the fishermen just don’t know where to look. With one notable exception you’ll never see any of the big casting agents at any of the smaller theatre shows/doing the short film festivals.

    Talk to the guys who’ve made all the Victorian TAC TV commercials over the years. They reckon there are a heap of brilliant actors (who you’ve never seen before or since) out there.

  33. Yvonne
    7 Sep 12
    6:55 pm

  34. Hilarious! Love it. I think maybe Ben should have played a lead role in this blokey video from Perth then!!

  35. Andrew
    10 Sep 12
    12:05 pm

  36. Perhaps best would be “homo sapiens masculus australis”, as ‘homo sapiens’ refers to both males and females of the species.

    Certainly agree an endearing character doth help consumers swallow the super-safe mainstream lowest-common-denominator messaging they’re force fed by clients year after year, after year, after year here.

    … at least we can’t hate the brand after watching with such a great character in the Ad. So in that sense I guess, good work. Certainly have to love the Hilux one.

    Astroolya: outdated one day, overcompensating the next?

  37. Dave J
    1 Oct 12
    5:09 pm

  38. Ben Wood is the horniest guy in TV ads at the moment. I have fantasies about being the sheep in the Rams ad 😛