ABC’s Juliar slip

Rarely does the ABC get accused of right-wing bias, but Dr Mumbo can’t help but wonder about this story…

abc juliar

(Hat-tip: @DigitalMediaBoy)


  1. Michael
    29 Jan 13
    11:21 am

  2. Probably a Freudian Slip, but worthy of an apology, no doubt…

  3. Patricia & Bernard Galice
    29 Jan 13
    11:45 am

  4. This is disgraceful! There are no other words to describe it. It is very offensive and the ABC must apologise to our PM Julia Gillard.

  5. cuppa
    29 Jan 13
    12:36 pm

  6. People on blogs and Twitter have been noticing and complaining about the ABC’s right wing bias for a number of years now. Follow the hashtag #TheirABC for example, plus check the tweets that are sent to the managing director @ABCMarkScott every day.

  7. paul the freelance writer
    29 Jan 13
    1:23 pm

  8. Bit sus – second one I’ve seen in a week. Someone is playing with photoshop or whatever it is they’re using these days.

  9. YaThinkN
    29 Jan 13
    1:27 pm

  10. Nope, recently they have been bias sadly. I went off at the New Years address, since when does the LOTO do one as well? Given equal air time, friends overseas thought it was a joke and we looked stupid. Would never happen in any other country and Rudd didn’t do it when he was in opposition, so someone at the ABC had to ask Mr Abbott to do it?

    Worse, the ABC didn’t even have the courtesy to put Ms Gillard’s name first on the video, nor address her correctly as Prime Minister Gillard. “Abbott, Gillard deliver new year message “.

  11. mumbrella
    29 Jan 13
    1:30 pm

  12. Hi Paul,
    We took that screenshot ourselves – no Photoshop.


    Tim – Mumbrella

  13. Bob Terrinson
    29 Jan 13
    1:32 pm

  14. Settle down Patricia and Bernard. You’re actually calling what could be a simple typo “disgraceful!”? And “no other words to describe it”? It happens frequently amongst all media. I don’t see how this could be considered “very offensive”. Let’s not make a mountain out of a molehill.

  15. Max
    29 Jan 13
    2:05 pm

  16. Michael, a freudian slip is an error prompted by a repressed thought or desire. Are you implying that ABC News subconsciously and collectively think that our Prime Minister does not tell the truth. If so, and judging buy their treatment of her to date, I’d have to agree with you [although definitely not with them]..

  17. Puzzled
    29 Jan 13
    2:17 pm

  18. I’ve noticed that the ABC reports the polls showing the Coalition leading, but the two Morgan polls in November and December that showed the ALP leading were apparently not newsworthy enough. Can anyone from the ABC please elucidate?

  19. Gweeds
    29 Jan 13
    3:13 pm

  20. Imagine if something like that happened to Abbott. The lashings from News Ltd. against Gillard would have been horrendous

  21. Jane of Perth
    29 Jan 13
    4:14 pm

  22. Thankfully the Guardian is coming.
    Otherwise this nation’s major media will be a great big Miners’ bottom wipe.

  23. Artemistic
    29 Jan 13
    9:14 pm

  24. Yes the lashings against our PM have been horrific by the media. I doubt the Juliar term would be a Freudian slip. It takes a liar to peddle a lie to help win elections.

  25. Miles Sims
    30 Jan 13
    2:23 pm

  26. But It’s true… She Lied about the Carbon Tax.

  27. No
    30 Jan 13
    11:24 pm

  28. There most definitely is NO right wing bias at the ABC. In fact the suggestion is laughable. What leftists see as right wing leanings is ABC Journos that are no longer able to shrug off the incompetences of this hung parliament without looking stupid themselves. If lefty viewers are feeling unloved they should tune into Q and A or the Drum for a nice left wing fix.

  29. cuppa
    31 Jan 13
    8:30 am

  30. This blog follows ABC bias issues:

  31. No No
    31 Jan 13
    12:42 pm

  32. Wow Miles – so she is the ONLY politician to tell a lie. Ignoramus.

    And reliable sources also tell me that there is no right-wing bias in the Murdoch press or on the AM talk stations. As a matter of fact management need to look at the pinko socialists writing their feature articles and filling their airwaves.

  33. Bill McIntosh
    31 Jan 13
    5:18 pm

  34. I get the impression the PM is a liar or not so, and the ABC is leftist or rightist.

    All I can say is that Balley Hoo (My fathers expression for WWII officers of that name) must be a big bloke.

  35. Jenny
    1 Feb 13
    11:51 am

  36. Instead of arguing about who promised what re the Carbon Tax- take a look at the pictures of Beijing today! Would you want your children / grandchildren growing up in those conditions in Australia.

  37. Mike
    2 Feb 13
    12:37 pm

  38. Hilarious!

    Or should that be: hiLIARious…..?

  39. Jennifer Blanc
    3 Feb 13
    12:08 pm

  40. Miles Sims – isn’t it time to take our responsibilities as members of a democracy seriously and check the facts? Gillard did not lie, and it’s time people stopped peddling this nonsense. She said plainly that she intended to put a price on carbon. The delivery date was advanced by the needs to deal with the priorities of her coalition partners. And to forestall the inevitable troll response of ‘minority/illegitimate government’, remember that for much of its national life, Australia has been governed by a coalition, not by a party that won office in its own right; and that many successful democracies operate in precisely that manner.

  41. Richard Moss
    4 Feb 13
    3:28 pm

  42. Storm in a tea cup. These days, alas, titles are thought of as pomposity and almost everyone talks about VIPs as if they were drinking buddies or casual acquaintances.

    Remember Prime Minister Rudd as he tried his best to appear internationally important, by running around the globe and crashing photo ops with the president of the US and other republican leaders? He acted as if he himself were actually a president, ie “Head of State” and not simply the first among equals in a Westminster style government.

    He had the audacity to say to the Australian press “It would be great if Obama visited Australia, especially if he brings Michelle and the kids” I would expect that President Obama, the first Lady and their children would have shown more dignity, but Rudd obviously thought it made him sound more important, you know, I know a great man, therefore I am a great man.

    A typo? could be, but with journalism at the level it has sunk to today, perhaps it wasn’t.

  43. Keith
    16 Feb 13
    5:16 pm

  44. So Jennifer Blanc, you don’t consider “there will be no carbon tax under my government” to be a committment not to deliver a Carbon Tax?

  45. Howard John
    17 Feb 13
    2:20 pm

  46. Let’s just say it was a “non-core promise” and call it