Abercrombie arson leaves adland thirsty

Disaster has struck a certain pocket of Sydney adland, Dr Mumbo is sorry to note.

The Abercombie pub, a favoured, if slightly down-at-heel, haunt of staff from the ABC, DDB, Mango and yes, Mumbrella, was badly damaged in what appeared to be an arson attack last night.

Dr Mumbo now has no idea where he is going to turn when he next craves the Abber house specialty of deep fried Golden Gaytime.

Update: A comment on the Abercrombie’s Facerbook page sums it up:

abercrombie facebook


  1. Rhys Edwards
    18 Apr 12
    1:34 pm

  2. Miss u double cheese

  3. N
    18 Apr 12
    4:26 pm

  4. What about The White Agency , we are in the hood too …

  5. neocube champ
    20 Apr 12
    1:25 pm

  6. Just saw they are opening today (Friday) so the deep fried Gaytimes are back!