ACP to rebrand as Bauer Media

ACP Magazines, a brand that has existed in Australia since the 1950s, is to be renamed Bauer Media.

The name change follows the acquisition of the publisher by Germany’s Bauer in early September.

ACP was known as Australian Consolidated Press until rebranding to ACP Magazines in 2000.

“I don’t think it’s sad to see the ACP brand disappear,” said Deborah Thomas, the company’s director of media, public affairs and brand development. “Most people know us by our consumer brands such as Women’s Weekly, Cleo or Cosmo, not our trade brand. And the Bauer deal is such a positive move for us. The mood in the company very buoyant.”

Matthew Stanton, CEO of ACP Magazines, said in a statement: “ACP is now 100% owned by Bauer Media and this includes all our businesses in Australia – ACP Magazines, ACP Custom Media and ACP Books, and the Trader Group – ACP Media New Zealand, and also ACP Asia, our off-shore interests in Hong Kong and Thailand.”

“The purchase of Australasia’s leading publishing company by the internationally successful Bauer Media Group is both a resounding vote of confidence in the future of print media and endorsement of ACP’s outstanding magazine brands.”

“As part of the Bauer Media family the company will extend its proud tradition of excellence, building on our strengths as we continue to innovate and develop across multiple platforms including digital editions, websites and licensed products,” he said.


  1. nic
    26 Oct 12
    11:54 am

  2. Since the 1950’s ????? What’s up with you guys. Great site but dodgy punctuation. Please adjust it to 1950s, as accuracy is just as important now as back in the 50s. Cheers, Nic.

  3. mumbrella
    26 Oct 12
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  5. Technojames
    26 Oct 12
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  6. “Since the 1950′s ?????”

    What’s up with you nic [sic]?

    Great comment but dodgy punctuation.

    Please adjust it to “Since the 1950’s?”. (Remove the space between “s” and “?”)

    Also, please ensure all quotes are in inverted commas.

  7. LW
    26 Oct 12
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  8. Nic, your website says you worked at ‘Badgar Melbourne’? Did you mean Badjar? Pot, kettle, black… :-)

  9. Larry
    26 Oct 12
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  11. nic
    26 Oct 12
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  12. Technojames: you might be confused as the site originally had 1950’s, but as Tim acknowledged, it has been changed. Further, Nic is not a spelling mistake, it’s short for Nicholas (no k) and, please, you have a go at me for no quotation marks, then you quote me without them??? LW: you’re correct, thanks for being the first one in over a year to spot that. But, gentlemen, it’s Fri arvo; let’s all go and have a good weekend. Cheers, Nic.

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    26 Oct 12
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    27 Oct 12
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  17. Anonymous
    27 Oct 12
    10:20 am

  18. Ooh and I had Bauer down to buy RBI. What is going on with that sale?

  19. Dom
    29 Oct 12
    8:46 am

  20. Also, I highly doubt Deborah Thomas left out the word ‘is’ when referring to the buoyant mood in the company.