AdNews joins the video party

Obviously Dr Mumbo hates to steal anyone’s thunder, particularly when it belongs to a rival.

But as it’s hidden away on YouTube, and AdNews has been too shy to announce it yet, Dr Mumbo is delighted to reveal that the trade title is getting into the video game.

As you’ll see, the trade title’s first episode of the somewhat grandiosely named “Influencers” contains an interview with Nine boss David Gyngell by journo Paul McIntyre, who also writes for the Sydney Morning Herald.

Presumably it will feature on AdNews’ funky new website which is rumoured to be launching any day now. (Update: It launched ealier today – see the comment below for more details)

Subscribers to the print edition of AdNews may feel a slight sense of deja vu though. Gyngell’s comments appear in a profile of him the magazine carried last week.


  1. Anonymous
    18 Feb 10
    8:15 am

  2. Nice wobbly camera. And nice ad for Nine. Did they actually ask any questions?

  3. Woah
    18 Feb 10
    9:16 am

  4. Wow, you’ve got some MAd SkILLZ there Tim, hacking into AdNews account… well done!!

  5. mumbrella
    18 Feb 10
    12:02 pm

  6. Hi Woah,

    No hacking involved – they published it on their own YouTube channel. Accidentally, I suspect, as they have now reset it as a private video.


    Tim – Mumbrella

  7. Malcolm
    18 Feb 10
    12:48 pm

  8. Sorry to spoil the dig at your 80 odd year old competitor but the new look adnews website looks slick and is chokkers full of content. They may have been slow off the blocks with digital but I wouldn’t like to be in your shoes taking them on now.

  9. Pamela
    18 Feb 10
    12:54 pm

  10. Hey Mumbo Dumbo, this is very interesting…thank you. Wow, great to see AdNews delivering the online goods….that is the best industry website by a country mile. The video style and no nonsense approach gets you involved, as everyone has limited time. (I’m afraid the Mumbo one is far too long and sleepy.)

    Don’t think your bottom feeding journalist tactics are a good look and to be honest, Harto was right …. can you also rid yourself of that sickly pommy pathetic sarcasm in your tone…this is Australia old dog, get with it or get out…..

    I sense you are worried sick about AdNews fire online….you can tell.

  11. Tired of Mumbo (but from the same IP address as "Pamela")
    18 Feb 10
    1:20 pm

  12. For those tired Mumbo users check out
    Ed Charles (ex editor AdNews) will eat Tim for breakfast!

  13. jape
    18 Feb 10
    1:27 pm

  14. Pamela, with prejudice like this: “… this is Australia old dog, get with it or get out …” who needs Pauline Hanson?

  15. Can't Standya (which Mumbrella can't help but notice comes from a Yaffa IP address)
    18 Feb 10
    1:45 pm

  16. AdNews aside… I have just recently discovered Dr. Mumbo. I have to say, it is comparable to pulling teeth sitting and listening to your voice!

  17. YK
    18 Feb 10
    1:47 pm

  18. Excellent astroturfing, AdNews team.

    You’ve just messed up what could have been quite a good launch with your poisonous/ racist comments.

    I just posted a comment on their site asking how they’ve got comments purporting to come from the public that are dated two days ago – before the site was live. They deleted the comment…

  19. observer 2.0
    18 Feb 10
    1:55 pm

  20. C’mon Yaffa, this is just childish.

    And surely you can do better than “Malcolm” and “Pamela” …

  21. Rog
    18 Feb 10
    1:57 pm

  22. This site is starting to sound like the Daily Telegraph of the newspaper industry. I guess it is a great thing that AdNews is lifting their game so now we actually have an option!

  23. mumbrella
    18 Feb 10
    2:02 pm

  24. For what it’s worth, I suspect the above comments come from a single person only. The AdNews guys I’ve met are a nice group of people who enjoy a bit of banter and healthy competition

    I wish them luck with the site. It looks good, and kudos to whoever the team behind the design is.

    Personally, I’m also really pleased that they are diving into online video. It needs more than one player to prove a business model, and it’s great to think that there will be somebody else in the market who will now be talking about it.


    Tim – Mumbrella

  25. Malcolm
    18 Feb 10
    2:08 pm

  26. Hey observer 2.0 guess who put 2 & 2 together and came up with half a dozen? Not a Yaffa employee my friend. Just someone who is concerned that perhaps our only source of information in the future may come from 10 cent operations like this one. You can’t love all the big media heavyweights but if the alternative is sites like mumbrella (who let’s face it, can’t survive without them) we will be a lot worse off.

  27. 3.0
    18 Feb 10
    2:13 pm

  28. And yet, Malcolm, you were posting about this within moments of the AdNews site being live, and you seem very well informed about Ed Charles. How did you know about that?

  29. Pamela
    18 Feb 10
    2:26 pm

  30. I’m nothing to do with AdNews and I’m not racist either…just educated about the Brits because I AM British!

  31. 3.0
    18 Feb 10
    2:44 pm

  32. Ah yes, the old “I’m not racist but…”

    And of course you’re British, Pamela/ Malcolm… of course you are.

  33. Play on
    18 Feb 10
    9:07 pm

  34. They’ve not provided anywhere to comment about their new site, so I’ll do it here instead…

    Good things: Well it’s better than the old one, and there’s less stuff you need to register for.

    Bad things: The comments lok a bit fake. The podcasts on their home page are about six months old. My copy of their email arrived after 6pm. Not much good.

  35. Play on
    18 Feb 10
    9:08 pm

  36. PS: “Pamela & Malcolm”, shared IP address = Patsy & Michael?

    (Update from Mumbrella: Michael Lynch assures us that this is not the case)

  37. Cathie
    18 Feb 10
    9:22 pm

  38. I’m impressed by the new AdNews site – so far, so good – and I don’t believe that it’s their doing that there are silly and crass trolls operating here.
    I may be wrong – it’s happened before – but I think a healthy sign of capitalism working as the good lord* intended is that there is robust competition in place.

    Go forth, say I, and I look forward to watching the competition in action.
    Pass the popcorn….


  39. MC Woah in da house
    22 Feb 10
    9:30 am

  40. Malcolm? Rog? Michael? I am my own person. You talking to a babe-a-rella MC and a fly code-monkey.

    Yo forgot to fact-check my rack-set.

    Yo yo yo check my flow….

    Mumbo Jumbo thinks he’s Colombo,

    Tries to rumble,

    Watch him stumble,


    I pee on you!


    And here’s a Number 2!

    Sneaky freaky fella ella ella hey hey hey

    He’s got a leaky umbr-ella ella ella hey hey hey

    Oh baby it’s raining raining…


    Yo Tim! Dissociate your own personality…

    All hail MC Woah!

  41. mumbrella
    22 Feb 10
    10:01 am

  42. You put your case very well, MC Woah…


    Tim – Mumbrella


  1. Who’s 24, female and horny? AdNews of course - mUmBRELLA