Adshel brews a beer in a billboard

In what is probably an industry first, Adshel in New Zealand has brewed a beer inside a billboard.

The execution is part of the Wellington in a pint initiative, which asks the public to describe what they thought Wellington would be like if it was a beer.

The campaign is being run by Clemenger BBDO Wellington, which is using feedback from the Facebook page to write a brief to challenge Wellington amateur brewers to create the perfect Wellington beer.

The display on Manners Mall will be in place for a month, over which time the beer will ferment.


  1. Will
    27 Apr 12
    12:59 pm

  2. Haha that is unreal! Props to Adshel and Clems.

  3. paul the freelance writer
    27 Apr 12
    3:37 pm

  4. A month? In Melbourne it would be a pile of smashed glass by next morning.

  5. MT
    27 Apr 12
    4:12 pm

  6. New Zealand! they put us to shame…

  7. Ann
    27 Apr 12
    9:17 pm

  8. Very clever concept

  9. jean cave
    28 Apr 12
    6:22 pm

  10. I am not sure it would be smashed in Melbourne. Perhaps it would be admired.

  11. AdGrunt
    29 Apr 12
    11:25 am

  12. Nice idea, but I’ll wager the beer tastes shite.

    Light strike, innit.