Aldi moving into the telecommunication market with promise of cheap rates

Cut price supermarket giant Aldi today launched a telecommunications product with a vow to offer uncomplicated and cheap rates.

Aldi Mobile is being launched with three  TV commercials created by BMF, with people’s phones as retail products such as a can of beans, a box of tissues and shaving cream.

Aldi will offer a range of pre-paid, post-paid and data plans.

Joint BMF ECDs, Carlos Alija & Laura Sampedro, said: “The challenge was to come up with a launch campaign able to stand out in the category, whilst creating a solid link with the master brand,” Stephen McArdle, BMF managing partner, said.

“Telcos are known for expensive, blockbuster TV spots, so there is something quite refreshing about the understated nature of this campaign,”

“In launching ALDI Mobile, we have tried to keep everything simple for our customers. We are really pleased that the advertising retains this simplicity, yet is also very watchable,” an ALDI spokesperson said.


  1. Anonymous
    6 Mar 13
    3:27 pm

  2. V.Nice

  3. Alberto Vale
    6 Mar 13
    3:48 pm

  4. Congrats to ALDI & BMF – makes me recollect on very funny moments interviewing people with fruits as a microphone. Love it, let’s see the next level.

  5. Ann
    6 Mar 13
    8:52 pm

  6. Well done, Home insurance next please

  7. Dabug
    6 Mar 13
    11:00 pm

  8. Quite nice launch ads. I’m sticking with Vaya though :)

  9. Anonymous
    6 Mar 13
    11:13 pm

  10. Kinda surprised and a bit Impressed with where BMF are taking ALDI…

  11. Circling sharks
    7 Mar 13
    9:18 am

  12. First Mamia nappies, now this.

    Right now ALDI’s the beacon of hope in supermarket retail advertising. Easily BMF’s best work since they got shit.

  13. Pete
    7 Mar 13
    4:15 pm

  14. Nice ads. “Using part of the Telstra 3G network”
    which part?