And here’s a lovely song about marketing…

Sometimes it’s a very fine line between genius and toe-curling embarrassment.  

An event in Melbourne later this month will fall one side or the other of that line, and Dr Mumbo isn’t sure which it will be.

Presented by Simon Hammond, BE Brands Live attempts to combine business strategy with marketing advice and music.


  1. Anonymous
    10 May 10
    3:40 pm

  2. Toe curling. Mind you, I’m sure they’ll make a tidy profit.

  3. BarbW
    10 May 10
    4:01 pm

  4. Evangelistic marketing…..interesting, but toe curling, development. My bet is that the Australian psyche will respond with a shudder. It might fly in the States though.

  5. Creative Hack
    10 May 10
    4:10 pm

  6. I’ve seen the future of advertising, and it is Hillsong.

  7. Joe
    10 May 10
    5:11 pm

  8. Toe curling indeed!! One of the funniest things I’ve seen. This guy has been around for a while, and his agency failed and went under. Seems he has popped up again under a new disguise. Also watch out for him on ‘A current Affair’ resident hack ad guy who has a whack opinion about everything.

  9. Anon
    10 May 10
    9:27 pm

  10. I think I might pop down to Gloria Jeans for a cup of inspirational coffee after sitting through that. Who remembers Est?

  11. the ref
    11 May 10
    8:54 am

  12. Just what marketers and business needs – A power packed presentation of clichéd images and slightly dated, covered music. Originality plus – well done!

  13. steve
    11 May 10
    10:14 am

  14. that was four of the worst minutes i’ve ever experienced. I feel a little sick and need a lie down.

  15. Aliced
    11 May 10
    11:30 am

  16. Pop-marketing to music. Hideous.

  17. Mr Corbett
    13 May 10
    1:49 pm

  18. “Are we human…or are we dance?”
    Third option – twat.