Angostura launches ‘Rediscovered’ campaign, parts ways with Modern Family’s Sofia Vergara

Angostura bitters has launched a new campaign created by Sydney agency Cabana Boys that aims to reintroduce the beverage to young drinkers.

The campaign is led by magazine advertising, with support from sales promotion, trade activations, radio sponsorship, Facebook activity and PR.

The campaign was shot by Andreas Smetana.

Stuart Ghent, creative partner at Cabana Boys, said: “We wanted these ads to say that that little bottle has virtually become part of the landscape. In a market where imitators are springing up everywhere, it’s real, authentic. It’s the true taste of lemon, lime & bitters.”

The campaign breaks less than a year after the brand used Modern Family star Sofia Vergara in an ad to give Australians lessons on how to pronounce the product’s name properly.

That contract came to an end.


  1. Donald
    15 Aug 12
    11:27 am

  2. Nice.

  3. chuck
    15 Aug 12
    11:35 am

  4. Those models look like they are having a hard time finding that subtle bottle. I suspect it will be the same for the consumers too. Still don’t know what it all means really.

  5. Alex
    15 Aug 12
    12:53 pm

  6. Love it.

  7. Andy Warhol
    16 Aug 12
    11:05 am

  8. Arty rubbish.

  9. Dave
    16 Aug 12
    1:58 pm

  10. As much as I liked the girl with the boobs, this is good too