Announcing Mumbrella360 – and how you can be involved

So I’ve got some news about Mumbrella.

We’re organising a conference. A big conference.

We’re calling it Mumbrella360. Its first outing will be over two days in Sydney in early June.

And this is where you – and the rest of the industry – comes in.  

I’ve got my ideas for content – lots of them, actually. Enough that we’re planning to run four simultaneous streams. I told you it was going to be big.

Our sister title Encore – which covers the Australian film and TV industry – will also be involved.

This is of course an event for one of the most creative, interesting, opinionated industries around. But what makes Mumbrella360 different is that we want to make sure we reflect the heartbeat of the industry in a way that has never been done before.

Which means handing the program back to the industry.

We’re looking for volunteer session curators.

We’re going to give over ten of our sessions to those who have the most interesting things to talk about.

You’ll be the curator. It may be you as an individual, or an effort by your company or agency.

It could be organising a panel debate on a topic you feel the industry needs to talk about. Or perhaps a chance to unveil a piece of research or consumer insight you’ve been working on.

(At this stage we’re not looking for case studies as there will be a separate call-out on that later on.) The only limit is that the session must last no longer than 45 minutes.

So how will this work?

At this stage, it’s very straightforward.

We want a short proposal…

  1. The title of your session.
  2. A description – in no more than 100 words of the format you have in mind.
  3. Details on who would be involved.

We’d like to hear your proposal before the end of February. Simply email it to our event producer Denise Jinks at by 5pm on Monday February 28.

We’re anticipating there will be ten or so of these industry-curated sessions across the conference.

We’ll put the proposals out to a reader vote. The most votes get the gig.

There are no catches. There’s no charge for putting on a reader-voted session. We’ll take care of the AV.

If you’re a creative person or company with a point of view, it’s a chance to put it in front of a big audience featuring some of the industry’s most influential people.

This is of course something of an experiment – I don’t know of a conference that’s tried anything quite like it.

But then again, we don’t want Mumbrella360 to be like any other conference.

I hope you can be involved.

Tim Burrowes

Editor – Mumbrella


  1. MiSociety
    10 Feb 11
    10:19 am

  2. Interesting idea of course and one I will watch with interest. But do I wonder about the voting system in that he/she who has the most followers on Twitter, friends and ‘likers’ on Facebook etc wiil attain the most votes – maybe regardless of content? Just a thought.

  3. inspiredworlds
    10 Feb 11
    10:38 am

  4. so basically its an Unconference like BarCamp?

    Sounds like a good idea – the one’s i’ve mostly participated in are for the tech industry. It originally came from FooCamp by Tim O’Reilly.

  5. Thomas Dodson
    10 Feb 11
    4:02 pm

  6. Have one in melbourne.

  7. Stephen
    10 Feb 11
    4:51 pm

  8. Tim,

    Sounds interesting – good to hear you’re having a go at something fresh – however 45 minutes is a long time – I really enjoyed the Battle of Big Thinking format (15mins) as people just had to get on with explaining their point, rather than trying to subtly sell their company/ product, plus if they were rubbish/not relevant it was over soon enough.

  9. crunchie
    11 Feb 11
    2:58 pm

  10. So you’re staging a conference, and instead of paying a conference producer to research and come up with suggested themes, and then approach companies about participating in speaking opportunities, you are asking the market to come up with the ideas and content, and then shamelessly pretending this is a new and cutting edge concept…. Hmmmm.

  11. mumbrella
    11 Feb 11
    3:16 pm

  12. Hi Crunchie,

    Thanks for your question.

    Most sessions will still be driven by the Mumbrella team. I guess I am that conference producer even if I haven’t given myself that title – and most of the content will be insopired by the topics I write about and our readers discuss on Mumbrella every day. So the one thing I’m not short of is themes.

    However, the media and marketing industry is full of interesting, clever, creative people, who want to see good content, and to share good content. Many of them will, I’m sure, have better ideas than me. The couple of dozen responses I’ve had since launching this call yesterday suggests that’s probably correct. Why wouldn’t I open it up to the whole industry?

    As I say, we’ve got four streams and two days. There’s time for both.

    If that doesn’t grab you, then don’t get involved. That’s cool.

    But the early signs are, there are plenty of people, agencies and organisations who welcome the chance to contribute to the conversation.


    Tim – Mumbrella

  13. Marketing Student
    13 Feb 11
    11:24 pm

  14. Will uni students who are studying marketing be able to attend? Will there be sessions for a career in marketing? Would this be a good networking opportunity for me? Would it be worth flying up from Melbourne to attend? Will there be one held in Melbourne (like at Jeffs shed?)

  15. mumbrella
    13 Feb 11
    11:50 pm

  16. Hi Marketing Student,

    Thanks for the question – and your interest.

    Hopefully, yes, you would get plenty out of it.

    I’d be happy to talk to course providers about offering a limited number of places for students. There are no immediate plans for a Melbourne event, although it’s on our wish list.


    Tim – Mumbrella


    Tim – Mumbrella

  17. Thomas Dodson
    14 Feb 11
    1:38 pm

  18. Tim, the melbourne question? :)

  19. mumbrella
    14 Feb 11
    2:00 pm

  20. Hi Thomas,

    As above. No plans just yet, but with previous Mumbrella things such as Question Time and our movie nights, we’ve done Melbourne as quickly as we can.

    After Sydney, Melbourne has our next biggest audience, so clearly it makes sense. But it would be biting off slightly more than I could chew to do it until we’ve got the first one out of the door!


    Tim – Mumbrella

  21. digitalmlab
    9 Mar 11
    1:06 pm

  22. I am with Thomas – one in Melbourne would be fantastic! Understand the effort involved to stage one of these events though but it would be great to have one here as soon as it is possible.