Another online jingle service…

Readers may recall last week’s story about a newly-launched online jingle service based out of the US.  

The idea came from Love Harnel in which he offers to write original jingles for both brands and individuals and has even written demos for Apple, Red Bull, US actor Kevin Spacey.

Well, another self-styled jingle writer recently got in touch with Dr Mumbo with his similarly fashioned service. Its creator, Brian King, says he simply likes “making music and helping others”.

Oh, and he also needs to pay off his student loans.

So far he’s made US$21.12.

Dr Mumbo suspects that King will need to write more than just jingles if he’s to go any way in clearing those loans.


  1. Brian King
    11 Jan 10
    11:34 am

  2. Hey Dr. Mumbo,

    I just wanted to clarify a point in your story. 20% of all the money made on the site is given to a charity chosen by popular vote ( The $21.20 is actually the money raised for this month’s charity, the Victory Project (, between January 1st and today. That amount will be incremented each day as another jingle is performed and 20% of it goes in the charity bucket.

    So although I haven’t paid off all my loans yet, I’m a bit better off than that :-)


  3. long time listener, first time caller...
    12 Jan 10
    1:44 pm

  4. Brian – perhaps you should think about joining an ACDC cover band? You’ve got a bit of that Angus Young thing going on! Maybe it wil help you to pay off the Gibson SG you’re playing? They’re coming to town soon too…Do it Brian….or should I say Angus?

  5. Brian King
    13 Jan 10
    3:34 am

  6. Haha, yeah, that’s kind of what I was going for. The angst of Angus. The SG helps too. Today’s video I’m going for more of a Robert Goulet / Tom Jones vibe( Do you think I pulled off the love-stricken lounge singer, or is it more like Angus Young playing jazz? :-)