Art Series Hotels introduces the late, late checkout in new campaign from Naked

art series overstayArt Series Hotels is to allow its customers to check out hours or even days late in the latest campaign for the brand devised by Naked Communications.

The campaign which covers the Melbourne hotel chain’s quiet Christmas period follows last year’s multi-award winning Steal Banksy campaign.

According to the announcement for The Overstay Checkout: “Why do hotels force you to check out at 11:00am when your room is empty the next night? Ask for a late check out and you may get it, it may be for a few hours, or even over night – completely free – it all depends on when the next guests are set to arrive.”

Will Deague, the CEO of Art Series, said: “We think hotels keeping the rooms vacant is a bit of a waste. If people are not using them, why not let guests stay longer – even if it’s a few days. Naked have developed a genuine product innovation we’re extremely excited by. We’re rolling it out over summer – and then we’ll see how we go, with the aim to introduce the product during quiet times of the year”.

Adam Ferrier, global head of behavioural science at Naked, said “The hotel in effect is giving away something of value to the consumer – late check outs and free overnight stays, whilst at the same time it doesn’t cost the hotel anything as its all unsold inventory.”

The Overstay Checkout operates between December 16 and January 13.


  1. Shamma
    19 Nov 12
    8:30 pm

  2. I love what Naked are doing here. A part of me wishes it was for a larger hotel group so the thinking could go global as it’s really solid.

  3. HenryT
    20 Nov 12
    8:38 am

  4. if only i knew where an art series hotel actually was

  5. BP
    20 Nov 12
    10:02 am

  6. This is fantastic! Wish they had hotels everywhere.

  7. Scott
    20 Nov 12
    10:10 am

  8. HenryT,

    Art Series are in Melbourne.

  9. Susan
    20 Nov 12
    11:19 am

  10. @ Adam Ferrier…how can an additional night cost the hotel nothing? It does cost. I think the later checkouts are great but not sure this is the nirvana of marketing some of you imply. Big chains are unlikely to take this up for obvious reasons. Very much a boutique offering and great while they can do it. But it also stood out to me that Henry had no idea where the hotels were. That is a partial marketing fail. It’s not the first time I’ve seen great promotions actually fall on supplying very basic information.

  11. Kev
    20 Nov 12
    11:20 am

  12. Oh wow awesome! I actually stayed at the art series olsen hotel in south yarra last week for 5 nights, I love that place! Definitely one of the best hotels I’ve stayed at, very unique, artistic and friendly staff.

  13. James H
    20 Nov 12
    11:36 am

  14. Simple creative, but great creative. Its refreshing when you see someone actually responding to a brief.

    Also Art hotels, i hope you start something here.

  15. Macsmutterings
    20 Nov 12
    11:40 am

  16. I always stay at one of their hotel when in Melb, great to have another excuse to stay there 😉

  17. KP
    20 Nov 12
    11:43 am

  18. Well done! I thoroughly enjoyed the execution.

  19. HM
    20 Nov 12
    12:15 pm

  20. Solid, solid thinking. Nice work. Brave client.

  21. BrentH
    20 Nov 12
    12:27 pm

  22. Great brand value-add! Whatever they lose through minibar revenue will be more than rewarded through brand differentiation and customer advocacy. Similar to a Euro boutique chain whose no-cost initiative was to offer lower rates if you opted for going every second day without a fresh set of towels. Nice little touches that make big diffs to loyalty.

  23. Mo S.
    20 Nov 12
    12:37 pm

  24. Love the video! But should have put a girl in there somewhere too though…. :(

  25. Chiswicknick
    20 Nov 12
    1:34 pm

  26. I agree that there would be some incremental cost, but pretty minor. But the best thing about this idea is that the more it works (the more it drums up extra business), the lower those incremental costs – the fuller their rooms are, the less opportunity there will be to overstay. Or maybe that’s the worst thing about this campaign.

  27. Mack
    20 Nov 12
    8:42 pm

  28. Its a cute idea and will get talked up in the industry as per the last Banksy one
    That being said, is there a significant consumer insight behind this one?

    Will interstate corporates or interstate leisure tourists be able to leverage it with pre-booked flights and itineraries? At what stage do you know you have an extra night? Will they reduce their opportunities for distress inventory revenue for this? The best opportunity I can think of is mates of the staff who can help them game the system. Although there would be some room servicing costs, the risk is low, keen to see if this gives them value