Austereo’s Triple M to launch AC/DC digital radio station

Austereo’s Triple M is launching digital radio station, High Voltage Radio, featuring songs and content dedicated to Australian rock band AC/DC.  

It will go to air for four weeks until the end of AC/DC’s national tour and will be broadcast on DAB+ and the Triple M website.

AC/DC songs featured will include their big hits, lesser known tracks, live versions and archived Triple M interviews.

The announcement follows Austereo’s acquisition of more digital radio spectrum in November.

Last year, Austereo launched Pink Radio, a digital radio station dedicated to US singer Pink which went to air for three months to coincide with her tour.

However, the launch was briefly marred by a disagreement with Pink’s record label Sony Music and her management who argued that Austereo had not sought their approval to use Pink as the subject of its digital station.


  1. Duncan Riley
    10 Feb 10
    2:06 pm

  2. How?
    For memory licensing regulations for music on radio stations prohibit back to back playing of the same band 3 times in one hour. Least this was the case a couple of years back. Have commercial radio magically now received a licensing exemption not available to online radio stations?

  3. Shane A. Bassett
    10 Feb 10
    2:13 pm

  4. cool, I am going to interview them on Thursday and will ask them about this set up. U2 I am sure would like one when they are here in November. Oops did i say that…………………..

  5. paul
    10 Feb 10
    2:14 pm

  6. Duncan, I believe that is for analogue signals not digital / online

  7. C K Cash
    10 Feb 10
    2:29 pm

  8. How many listen to digital radio again? I would say a waste of time and money….I do not know one person that listens to digital radio…

    How about my fellow mUmBRELLians?

  9. C K Cash
    10 Feb 10
    2:29 pm

  10. I hear Triple M flog digital radio daily

  11. hank
    10 Feb 10
    6:15 pm

  12. So getting an ipod full of dacker and pressing random classes as a radio station now.