Bankstown by the sea

Bankstown is such a lovely place, Ten thinks there should be two of them.

Hat-tip: Sue Lee Lim


  1. Geography Nerd
    20 Feb 13
    9:20 am

  2. I saw this and certainly wondered…

    Perhaps NAB should write a country music song about it?

    BTW is this presenter a meteorologist? I actually think that she presents the weather pretty well…

  3. quality
    20 Feb 13
    10:00 am

  4. Again the quality of Australian news is evident for all to see.

  5. Freditorial
    20 Feb 13
    10:36 am

  6. She is ex-Weather Channel and fully qualified.

  7. Geography Nerd
    20 Feb 13
    11:45 am

  8. @ Freditorial

    “completed a Bachelor of Arts in Media and Communication. Adding to her media qualification, is her weather knowledge where Magdalena has completed a Graduate Diploma in Atmospheric Science at Macquarie University, being awarded both the 2009 Biophysical Environments Prize and the Australian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society Prize for her academic achievements.”

    Then why doesn’t she know where Bankstown is then? 😉

    JOKE… Great to see that she is an expert in her field. Wouldn’t it be great if other presenters on the bogan TV networks were experts too…

  9. WD
    20 Feb 13
    11:52 am

  10. When all is said and done, however, she is smokin’ hot…..

  11. JG
    20 Feb 13
    2:44 pm

  12. Didn’t see anything about her doing the supers and graphics … I doubt any weather presenter would do that.

    Good to know we’re all perfect and haven’t made a slip up.

  13. offal spokesperson
    20 Feb 13
    4:16 pm

  14. hot indeed, and lets be honest, as shown by channel 9 news in Perth. The news really doesnt matter as long as your presenters are hot.

  15. just sayin
    20 Feb 13
    5:05 pm

  16. if you watched ‘the shire’ you would beg to differ the location of bankstown…