Being Lara Bingle premieres below 1m

The premiere of Ten’s new personality-led reality show Being Lara Bingle fell short of reaching the million metro viewers mark on Tuesday night.

The fly on the wall show, which has been heavily promoted on YouTube and Facebook, was promoted with an 8pm start but began at 8:11pm.

It averaged 925,000 and peaked at 1.226m across the five city metro markets, according to OzTam.

The show peaked at 1.226m in its first minute before beginning to drop. At its lowest, the show dipped to 616,000 and returned to over a million at 8:32pm, when Bikie: Wars was scheduled to start.

The show placed and 13th overall for the night and third in its time slot, losing to Nine’s The Big Bang Theory’s 1.274m in seventh place and Seven’s Once Upon A Time’s 1.058m in ninth place.

Across the demos, Being Lara Bingle placed 6th in the 16-39 and 18-49 demos with 394,000 and 564,000 viewers respectively. In the 25-54 demo the show took 508,000 viewers and placed 10th.

The show, set in Sydney with Bingle based in a Bondi flat, did better in Melbourne than Sydney, rating 274,000 and 269,000 respectively.

Winning the night was Seven News which took 1.498m across the five cities, followed by Nine’s The Block on 1.42m and Seven’s Packed to the Rafters on 1.384m.

Ten’s MasterChef was fourth for the night on 1.294m. Peaking at 1.8m the episode featured celebrity chef Jamie Oliver. It was followed by Seven’s Today Tonight on 1.288m to round out to top five.

Ten’s drama Bikie Wars: Brothers in Arms took 1.029m viewers in the 8.30pm slot, recovering from last week’s showing. It beat Nine’s second episode of Big Bang Theory on 984,000 in 11th place and follow-up sitcom 2 Broke Girls on 737,000.

It was a quiet night for the ABC. Its top show ABC News placed 14th and its second, 7.30pm in 20th spot on 0.682m.

In the battle of breakfast TV, Sunrise beat Today, 360,000 to 341,000.

Tuesday’s top 15 shows
1. Seven News – Seven 1.498m
2. The Block – Nine 1.420m
3. Packed to the Rafters – Seven 1.384m
4. Masterchef – Ten 1.294m
5. Today Tonight – Seven 1.288m
6. Nine News – Nine 1.274m
7. The Big Bang Theory – Episode 1 – Nine 1.254m
8. A Current Affair – Nine 1.127m
9. Once Upon A Time – Seven 1.058m
10. Bikie Wars: Brothers in Arms – Ten 1.029m
11. The Big Bang Theory – Episode 2 – Nine 0.984m
12. Home and Away – Seven 0.968m
13. Being Lara Bingle – Ten 0.925m
14. ABC News – ABC 0.898m
15. Ten News – Ten 0.790m

Tuesday’s channel share
Seven: 22.7%
Nine: 21.9%
Ten: 18.7%
ABC1: 10.9%
SBS1: 4.3%
GO!: 3.2%
Eleven: 3.1%
ABC2: 2.8%
7mate: 2.8%
Gem: 2.5%
One: 2.5%
7TWO: 2.4%
SBS2: 1.0%
ABC News 24: 0.7%
ABC3: 0.6%


  1. Rob R
    13 Jun 12
    9:56 am

  2. Any idea what Bingle’s peak was (for want of a better term)? Did it drop off dramatically towards the end? I’m guessing there would have been a few rubber necks off the head that whittled off after first break.

  3. AdGrunt
    13 Jun 12
    10:27 am

  4. Being Lara Bingle.

    The answer to a question no-one was asking.

  5. Colin Delaney
    13 Jun 12
    11:29 am

  6. Hi Rob R

    Please see updated, detailed info.

    – Colin

  7. sean
    13 Jun 12
    11:55 am

  8. Any news on how Tens late news is doing..

  9. asd
    13 Jun 12
    11:59 am

  10. looking forward to seeing the drop off next week. well done ten another flop

  11. Rob R
    13 Jun 12
    12:03 pm

  12. Thanks Colin. Interesting call running late into Bikie Wars too, very different audiences . I’m sure a few would have dropped in for the start of BW then gone looking elsewhere when they got Lara instead. I understand the thinking, wanting to capitalise on Masterchef but they probably ended up robbing Peter to pay Paul. Also tough for TEN because they had to set the scene before the first break, thus when they had the most audience they also had the least interesting part of the show.

  13. on time
    13 Jun 12
    12:13 pm

  14. Thank you for pointing out the ‘scheduled’ start time for the show and the fact it was 11 mins late. This kind of scheduling bollocks is really annoying and all the commercial channels are doing it. It totally stuffs up my tv watching plans and recording preferences and I’m pretty sure that it’s not that hard! The networks know exactly how long a show and the ads will take to run and should be able to do their very simple job of making this stuff happen on time.

    As for Being Lara Bingle, I agree 100% with AdGrunt.

  15. Lucio
    13 Jun 12
    1:50 pm

  16. Tuned-in around half way through. Switched-off 2mins later. It really is as dull as I was expecting.

  17. Jonno
    13 Jun 12
    2:01 pm

  18. I love It

    “Being Lara Bingle.
    The answer to a question no-one was asking.”


  19. Hmmmm...
    13 Jun 12
    2:01 pm

  20. This is handy info.

    Discounting people under 10, and those over 65 (I doubt many people in those demos watched BLB) we now have a handle on just what percentage of the Australian population is irredeemably stupid:

    Just under 6%.

    These are the people you can convince to buy practically anything, at any price.

  21. Comic book guy
    13 Jun 12
    2:40 pm

  22. It should be called, ‘Being bored to death’ – Worst. Television Show. Ever!

  23. Pup
    13 Jun 12
    2:40 pm

  24. I made the right choice.

  25. RatsRepus
    13 Jun 12
    2:51 pm

  26. AUDIENCE::::: Where the Bloody Hell Are You!!!!

  27. Dec
    13 Jun 12
    2:55 pm

  28. Who would have thought the concept of glass was so difficult for Lara to understand?

    Coming up next week Lara works out that sea water tastes funny because there’s salt in it.

    “Ohhh, salt like on my steak. Is that the same kind of salt or different?”

  29. Robbo
    13 Jun 12
    3:02 pm

  30. Australian TV networks have pretty much ‘sold out’ at the expense of the viewing experience in both senses of inventory and quality. (I’ve heard) they maneuver and manipulate time allocations so that they can cram in more ads across the hour(s).

    Like the previous poster, I also record a lot of programs now as the viewing experience is unbearable and bumps another 20 minutes on to a program (e.g. Masterchef). Average AU advertising p/h is approximately double to that seen in the UK.

    Lara Bingle – IQ’ed, it but may not watch it now.

  31. well
    13 Jun 12
    3:40 pm

  32. I didn’t mind it. Thought it was ok. Nothing special but watchable.

  33. big ears.
    13 Jun 12
    3:48 pm

  34. Bingle wasn’t too bad at all.

  35. The Grim Reaper
    13 Jun 12
    4:28 pm

  36. not even the promise of ‘side boob’ action could stop me finally convincing the missus to change the channel at the start of the ad break (she who holds the remote). Although she did record it, so I may watch it later. Alone. Isn’t that what the show is all about?

  37. Adam Paull
    13 Jun 12
    6:43 pm

  38. I’d like to see a show where Channel Ten executives continually bash their forehead against their desk while burning large piles of money…

    They’re doing it anyway so why not make a show out of it?

  39. lucy-loo
    13 Jun 12
    8:51 pm

  40. Show was terrible.

    Very interesting choice of song though…. the song BOP girl refers to someone who likes to pleasure themselves……

  41. A bingle bungle
    13 Jun 12
    10:33 pm

  42. If lara hates the paparazi following her around then why is there camera following her around? Confused? Now I know what it is like in Laras head!!!

  43. Anthony
    14 Jun 12
    10:29 am

  44. First line says it all… ‘…Ten’s new personality-led reality show Being Lara Bingle…’. Personality??

    Must admit I did watch a bit of it. Felt a bit sorry for her that it appears her only friend is a chick she sat next to on plane a few years ago…

  45. Buddy
    14 Jun 12
    10:43 pm

  46. Not all reality shows are bad..

    I did enjoy the Osbornes, but that had lots of interesting characters..

    I love Real Housewives of Orange County which is so so trashy and nasty – it’s gold…

    But I just have no interest in Lara Bingle to start with – and the trailer didn’t grab me.