Beware cheese slice rage says Devondale in new ad by DDB

Devondale takes aim at congealed cheese block slices in its latest TVC produced by DDB Melbourne.

This year has seen a string of comical Devondale ads with the overarching strategy as positioning the dairy brand as a solution to a problem posed by a competing product.

The ‘Cylcops’ ad stars a frustrated mother attempting to make sandwiches at a children’s birthday party and struggling to pry apart a congealed block of cheese slices.

The ad, shot by Tim Bullock, is the eighth spot from Devondale this year.

DDB Melbourne ECD Darren Spiller said: “Getting angry at inanimate objects, like cheese, is a right-of-passage for parents. We liked the idea of legitimising this phenomenon by giving it a name. Then we just tried to execute it in the most excruciating way possible.”

Client Credits

  • General Manager Marketing Innovation & Special Projects: Suzanne Douglas
  • Head of Retail Marketing: Pam Burnett
  • Marketing Manager: Kit Rahman
  • Senior Brand Manager: Laurette Hargreaves

Agency Credits

  • Executive Creative Director: Darren Spiller
  • Creative Director: Simon Bagnasco
  • Sr. Copywriter: Robbie Brammall
  • Sr. Art Director: Anthony Hatton
  • Sr. Agency Producer: Tuesday Picken
  • Executive Planning Director: Ian Forth
  • Managing Partner: Lisa D’Amico
  • Account Director: Katie Kouts
  • Account Manager: Kirsten Tidswell

Production Credits

  • Production Company: Prodigy Films
  • Director: Tim Bullock
  • Producer: Alice Grant
  • Executive Producer: Jonathan Samway
  • DOP: Germain McMicking
  • Editor: Adam Wills
  • Grade: Edel Rafferty, Method Studios
  • Online Edit: Chris Betteridge, Method Studios
  • Sound Design: Colin Simkins, Gusto Music

Media: Carat Melbourne


  1. tvguide
    1 Oct 13
    1:18 pm

  2. im sorry but this is the best creative work and casting across this whole series of ads i have seen in a very long time (soy milk aftertaste face/hard butter mess) – excellent creative is not dead…yet

  3. Shabbadu
    1 Oct 13
    1:49 pm

  4. Don’t apologise for liking something, tvguide. Personally, I prefer the smooth tasty cheese one with the family wearing the same jumpers. “I’m so happy my face hurts” But, yeah, they’re all very, very excellent.

  5. yes yes
    1 Oct 13
    2:04 pm

  6. hahahahaha

    there aren’t many funny ads that are actually funny. this is funny. well done robbie and ant, well done client, well done Bullock.

  7. PB the EP
    1 Oct 13
    3:34 pm

  8. Bullock you’ve done it again. And the other 42 people on that list but this smacks of Tim’s excellence across this whole campaign. Loving it. And kids parties are f#%*ing stressful…

  9. Brass Monkey
    1 Oct 13
    3:46 pm

  10. Hello marketeers. I know a lot of you lurk about here, so take note of what Devondale have done this year because they’re hands-down the best clients in the country right now. I wish my agency had them.

    They’ve shown some balls and have not made shit ads. To put it bluntly. I sense some gut-decisions at work, and it’s paid-off. Research’s heavy-hand hasn’t left its dodgy mark here.

  11. Nate
    1 Oct 13
    4:15 pm

  12. Nice one – much prefer this over the smooth tasty cheese one.

  13. Stu
    1 Oct 13
    5:04 pm

  14. I wish there were more ads (and clients) like this taking risks to build their brand.

    Nice work.

  15. Chez
    8 Oct 13
    8:26 am

  16. I could not believe it when I saw this ad. Such an Insensitive, bad taste ad to be aired in prime time. Do any of you know how traumatic it is to wear an eyepatch, to be laughed at and bullied by your peers. To be unable to see and to stumble around as an attempt is made to help you improve your vision? And now you have introduced a new word into the bullier’s vocabulary – Cyclops.
    Making fun of a child’s disability is disgusting.