BNZ bank debates the ethics of money

“Money can change you into someone you barely know”

Colenso BBDO Auckland has launched a campaign for NAB-owned financial services group Bank of New Zealand.

Colenso won the BNZ account in March this year, having resigned Westpac to work on the business. The NAB account is handled by Colenso’s Australian sibling Clemenger BBDO Melbourne.

The campaign begins with two unbranded teaser ads, one arguing that money is good, the other that money is bad. It concludes with a 90-second commercial, urging would-be customers to ‘Be good with your money’.

Colenso was Australasia’s top performer at Cannes, picking up more lions than any agency in the region – and breaking a record for lions won by a kiwi agency.


  1. OtherAndrew
    10 Oct 12
    9:50 am

  2. As someone who takes both my business and my Christian faith seriously, this is a brilliant response to something I’m often asked. Very well played, BNZ/Colenso.

  3. MRobin
    10 Oct 12
    12:10 pm

  4. I love this.

  5. Been done before
    10 Oct 12
    1:55 pm

  6. Beautifully executed but a poor man’s version of the AOL good/bad internet campaign in the UK.

  7. Will
    10 Oct 12
    10:29 pm

  8. Brands with a POV win. This is brilliant.

  9. Fast Eddy
    11 Oct 12
    9:33 am

  10. NZ makes better bank ads than Australia it seems.