Brisbane Times live all day long

Brisbane LiveFairfax Media website The Brisbane Times has introduced rolling coverage of the city’s news from morning to night in what is believed to be an industry first.

The site previously had three peak updates – early morning, lunch and then 5pm – but editor Simon Holt has introduced a Brisbane Live section with constant updates on all city news such as traffic conditions, burst watermains, breaking political news.

“It is to my knowledge the  first news website to cover a city live throughout the day – rolling coverage of a single city,” Holt told Mumbrella.

“People can have it on in the background and it automatically updates so people can check in on it. It includes video, Tweets, audio – the full multi media package.”

On Tuesday there were 50 live items posted from 8am to 6pm.

Holt said the traditional three daily updated editions would continue.


  1. James D
    9 Jan 13
    5:20 pm

  2. Why is a news website only updating 3 times a day??

  3. Rupert
    7 Feb 13
    9:37 am

  4. It’s wrong to claim Brisbane Times is the first news site to have rolling coverage of a single city. between 2000 and 2005 both and covered their respective cities in the same way. That then morphed into a scheduled update aimed at hitting “peak” traffic times, but up to that point both sites had been constantly updated.